Kabira Country Club Fronts Halloween Horror 3 Course Menu At Only Ugx65000

Kabira Country Club Fronts Halloween Horror 3 Course Menu At Only Ugx65000

By Spy Uganda

Kampala: Kabira Country club is now offering Halloween Horror 3 Course Set Pre Plated Menu at only Ugx65000 for adults and Ugx35000 for children below 10years.

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Just like its name “Kabira“ literally meaning a little forest, Kabira Country club is surrounded by tropical species of flora and fauna, characterized by all kinds of fresh breath that make you feel like you are in paradise.

With a world-class restaurant and top-notch professional chefs, you can expect the best BBQ specially made for this Halloween season, to give you the best experience, and not forgetting the gymnasium, accommodation and heated swimming pool where the special night will take place.

If you want to light the bonfire, candles and get lost in the little forest this Halloween holiday, look no further, Kabira Country Club Bukoto is the place to be.

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Kabira Country Club offers a relaxing and comfortable stay in its newly renovated rooms designed to complement its natural environment, the multi-cuisine restaurant and bar will leave you craving for more and give you real value for your money when you decide to have your getaways at the facility.

In addition the prestigious restaurant with world-class menus, Kabira offers you the state of the art health club facilities which include a half Olympic size swimming pool, kids pool, Gym, Tennis, Basketball, Football & squash courts, with a variety of event spaces perfect for special events like weddings, birthday parties, business meetings among others.

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The Terrace overlooks the swimming pool and the courtyard which extends from the restaurant, bar and coffee shop, giving a relaxing outdoor informal dining experience.

Basing on its uniqueness in serving breakfast, lunch and dinner with a mouth-watering array of food from around the world, with mood lighting and music with a simple sit down buffet, and coffee shop, while you are there, you can’t regret.

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