Kateteyi Finally Breaks Into Swangz Avenue Trouser Chains With Massive Concert!

Kateteyi Finally Breaks Into Swangz Avenue Trouser Chains With Massive Concert!

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By Benjamen Emuk

After years in Makindye based Swangz Avenue, which is probably the best, if not the biggest Music label in Uganda, song stress Irene Ntale defied all odds and decided to break the ‘chains’ and held her maiden concert dubbed  ‘Irene Ntale Unchained’.

Ntale’s fashion that mesmerized her crowds on arrival on stage.

For starters, Swangz Avenue record label and Irine Ntale have since her departure been throwing jabs at each other for close to a year now. Just Recently Ntale even went on her social media platform and ranted on how the record label had refused to give the ‘Kateteyi’ singer her personal twitter handle account details and instead continued running it as though she still belonged to their record label. She seriously ashamed them on a national Fm station Kfm in the morning show. But let’s get to our Friday buzziness….

With gates open at exactly 5pm, partiers were seen flocking the Kampala Serena International conference center last Friday to support their friend Ntale, and the Victoria Hall was already full to capacity by 8pm!

The ‘Wandabira mukateteyi’ singer really made a stunning show, with an intimate sit-down set with her band in inter loads treating her fans with the best live performance ever. “Ntale is really a queen when it comes to live Music, she put her best performance even when i didn’t really know what to expect from her, there will never be another Irene Ntale, I saw a Queen live and my favorite now so far, is the unchained concert at Serena”, said one of the fans.

The night was full of excitements, starting from the sound, lighting and her dress code among others. “There are no words that can truly give justice to Ntale’s performance. The dancers, band, were all amazing,” another fan confessed.

Ntale could move her crowds anyway she wanted and even as they watched her perform live, they couldn’t help but to sing and dance along like real possessed followers in pastor Kakande church. Others decided to clap anything ‘Ntale’ during the tour of all her songs.

“Never will there ever be a performer and front-lady like Irene Ntale, Rarely you’ll ever find a singer who can hold the entire crowd in the palm of his or her hand, like she did at Victoria hall-Serena, almost hypnosis like!,” said a ‘stirred’ up fan on the steps as they disembarked from the Hall.

The melody was so beautiful, the instrument, the guitars, the drums, the piano, were all great. The performances were awesome.

It just didn’t get any better than that as she recorded the best live act in the history of music, ‘Irene Ntale unchained’. Her fans were never ready for the sad moment when bands finally disbanded

Irene Ntale’s unchained concert becomes the 2nd biggest show with massive attendance held at Serena after Rema Namakula’s successful Banyabo concert.

For more pictorial evidence follow……

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