Katikiro Mayiga Unites Bebe Cool, Bobi Wine At Kenzo Concert!

Katikiro Mayiga Unites Bebe Cool, Bobi Wine At Kenzo Concert!

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By Our Reporter

This is unbelievable! It might either be a showbiz stunt or real reconciliation but only time can tell.

But what we can reveal is that the Katikiro of Buganda Owek. Charles Peter Mayiga on Friday night united longtime sworn enemies Moses Ssali aka Bebe Cool and MP Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine.

Bebe Cool shakes Katikiro Peter Mayiga’s hand

The two nemeses met Kabaka’s most trusted blue eyed ‘boy’ at singer Eddy Kenzo’s concert at Serena Hotel, where Kenzo was celebrating 10 years of music. It was there that Mayiga brokered a peace agreement between the two musicians.

Bobi Wine and Bebe Cool have been feuding for years and their beef became expressly manifested recently when the police banned Bobi’s Boxing Day concert at One Love Beach Busabala but okayed Bebe’s  ‘Tondeka Ekiwatule’ concert, something he celebrated.

However, when they met at Serena, Mayiga, who is furthering Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi’s message of fighting hatred amongst Ugandans,  appealed to Bobi Wine and Bebe Cool to bury the hatchet and reconcile.

He even prevailed upon them to shake hands and hug each other publicly as a way of expressing their reconciliation, which they did.

However, whether it was real or a public showoff, now it remains upon both sides to upkeep the reconciliation and brotherhood they exhibited at Kenzo’s concert courtesy of Katikiro Mayiga.

We promise to keep you updated on this newly found love between the two musical heavy giants as both of them read from different pages politically.

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