Kenya Impounds Over 39 Trucks Full Of Uncertified Maize From Uganda

Kenya Impounds Over 39 Trucks Full Of Uncertified Maize From Uganda an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda

Kampala: Kenyan authorities have impounded 39 trucks belonging to traders that are accused of smuggling uncertified maize from Uganda into the country.

Earlier this year, Kenya had banned maize exports from Uganda after it allegedly found out  that the grains contain impurities.

According to Kenya, the grains from Uganda and Tanzania contain high levels of mycotoxins a chemical that was consistently beyond safety limits.

Later on, the Kenyan authorities lifted the ban previously imposed, though they put in place strict laws to govern the importation. Authorities now require importers and exporters to register on top of moving with certificates showing that the toxicity of their maize does not exceed 10%.

Kenya also asked importers from Uganda to first present a certificate to certify the origin of the grain in the countries of produce before clearing at the border.

In a statement, the Kenyan Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Livestock, and Cooperatives said traders have now resorted to smuggling since the government imposed the restrictions.

‘’Following the Government directive on stoppage of maize transfers from EAC partner countries, unscrupulous businessmen have tried to sneak in. Through non-gazette border points.’’ The statement by the ministry read in part.

Security agencies have so far impounded 39 trucks smuggling in maize according to Kenyan authorities they are holding 25 of the trucks at the Busia police station while 14 are at Adungosi.

They have also heightened surveillance at these border points. Authorities also added that any further smuggling will not go unnoticed. an accessible web community

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