Kenyan Man Who Raped 74-Year-Old Patient Jailed For Life

Kenyan Man Who Raped 74-Year-Old Patient Jailed For Life an accessible web community

By Frank Kamuntu

USA: Court in United States of America (USA) has sentenced a Kenyan man to life imprisonment after finding him guilty of raping an elderly patient.

Courts documents indicated that Nyakeo raped the victim in a rehabilitation centre in Grapevine where he worked in January 2018.

The rape victim later died last year at the age of 75 after suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

Nurses caring for the patient in the facility found blood in her underwear and reported the matter to the police.

Staff recovered DNA during a sexual assault exam that was finally used to tie Nyakeo to the assault.

Nyakeo’s DNA matched the sample recovered from the woman during her sexual assault exam, according to the news release.

All the male staff who had been working at the facility where the woman lived at were asked to give DNA samples.

Nyakeo denied that he sexually assaulted the woman, claiming that someone took his DNA from a used condom and planted it in her body.

The lead prosecutor said in a statement that the community would be safer with Nyakeo in prison. 

“You will never see a man like this coming, because he goes against everything we all stand for. He did the unthinkable,” prosecutor Jordan Rolfe told the jury during.

Prosecutor added that Nyakeo had also sexually harassed his coworkers and that he attempted to leave the state during the investigation. 

He told his friends and former coworkers to lie on his behalf during the trial, prosecutors said in the documents. an accessible web community

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