Kenzo’s Ex Bahati Ballooned, Counting Down Days Before She Drops  ‘COVID-19’ Baby

Kenzo’s Ex Bahati Ballooned, Counting Down Days Before She Drops ‘COVID-19’ Baby an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda

Word is going around that all children who are born during this Coronavirus will be nicknamed ‘COVID-19 Babies’.

Well, among the celebs who will have ‘COVID-19 Babies’  in Uganda is none other than bootylicious BBS TV star Pascaline Bahati, who is said to be singer Edirisa Musuuza aka Eddy Kenzo’s ex-Side Dish.

Our Spies reveal that Bahati’s belly is bulging at supersonic speed after several months of enjoying Livewire banging with her new fiancé  identified as Richard Gabula.

The two hooked up in 2018 and ever since then they have steadily moved on along their road to romance and passion that they are ready to start up a family together, our spy learnt.

Bahati’s Profile Pictures Shows Gabula Smooching The Baby Bump

The couple got engaged last year, shortly after which Gabula visited Bahati’s parents during a humble Kwanjula ceremony that was attended by a few of their friends.

Pals intimate that Bahati and Gabula had planned to hold a massive wedding this year but their plans were spoilt by the COVID-19 breakout, which forced them to postpone the big do to next year.

Nonetheless, that hasn’t stopped them from manufacturing babies and enjoying nights of bonking marathons; the evidence shows on her huge belly!

Eddy Kenzo feeling Bahati’s booty when they were still tight together

The bootylicious babe made headlines some time back when her kinky snaps leaked in the media by her ex-lover Henry Kakooza, the father of her two tots whom she dumped and left in Jinja to raise their kids.

Perhaps one of the hottest slay queens from Jinja to Kampala, Bahati has been linked to several men, among them Eddy Kenzo, although she has since decided to dish out her Goodies to Gabula forever and evermore.

Bahati clutching her baby bump

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