Kicking Hard Attorney General’s Butt From Cabinet Is The Best Gift From Museveni This Year-Section Of Ugandan Activists Jubilate AG Byaruhanga’s Fall

Kicking Hard Attorney General’s Butt From Cabinet Is The Best Gift From Museveni This Year-Section Of Ugandan Activists Jubilate AG Byaruhanga’s Fall an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda

Kampala: A section of Ugandan Human Rights activists, who spoke to this reporter on condition of anonymity has expressed happiness on the current dilemma that has befallen former Uganda’s powerful Attorney General counsel William Byaruhanga, who was Tuesday evening dropped from the cabinet as Attorney general and replaced with Museveni’s very own blue-eyed boy, Kiryowa Kiwanuka of KK & company advocates.

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The group accused the man from Tooro subregion and proprietor of deteriorating Mountains of the moon Hotel, Fort Portal, of stifling justice using his office as opposed to facilitating the same as per his mandate as a government attorney. “Instead of facilitating justice, he was actually causing CONSTIPATION to constitutionalism and rule of law. He suppressed many cases and denied many justice using his office and powers,” the source submitted.

The source used the example of the alleged property wrangles involving a lady only known as Charm. According to this source, former Attorney General William Byaruhanga travelled to London and coerced critically ill Charm, who was on a hospital bed to sign for property transfer documents which they allegedly later sold and thereafter took his plane back to Kampala to enjoy his life.

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“Byaruhanga, you travelled to London during Charm’s hospitalization and obtained her signature which they used to sell off her properties in London and grabbed deposits on her London bank accounts. This was done off record and unlawfully by you (AG) yourself, It’s for you now to also go and look after your dilapidated Hotel In Fort Portal,”  the source fumed.

In fact, this Charm’s matter saw last year several spots and streets in Kampala flooded with posters of the Attorney General William Byaruhanga, Counsel Timothy Masembe of MMAKS advocates and property Mogul Karim Hirji portraying the trio as evil and heartless, greedy men who were suppressing orphans of the late Ziba Charm after they allegedly connived and grabbed her property before selling it and sharing the proceeds worth billions of shillings.

Byaruhanga is also accused of allegedly taking all Ziba’s deposits estimated at $10million from her current and fixed deposit bank accounts in former Barclays Bank now Absa Bank and ICBC Bank in the UK.

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The Activists in a bid to further expose Byaruhanga’s dirt says he won the name of “Mr.30%” because, ”every single deal wouldn’t go past him without him demanding for a cut with no regard for investors, youth start ups, foreigners supporting Ugandans among others, it was all about his pocket,” added source.

Activists further spit more fire thus; ”on top of that, this greedy man has been using his law firm to swindle money. The figures included Shs1.6b to Head Debt Recovery Services Ltd and another $48,294 made to Kasirye Byaruhanga and Co. Advocates in favour of Entebbe Handling Services. Attorney General William Byaruhanga is a partner in the law firm in question”.

”Byaruhanga Cited In Couple Of Fraud Scandals”

In summary, August 2020 the Attorney General and the principal legal adviser to the government William Byaruhanga with Counsel Andrew Kasirye were in hot soup after allegedly fraudulently transferred Ugx1,681,471,042 from the accounts of the Judiciary.

According to the letter seen by Spy Uganda dated July 10, 2020 signed by Director Criminal Investigations Grace Akullo issued to the secretary of the Judiciary High Court, the duo transferred the huge amount Bank of Uganda from the accounts of the Judiciary the accounts of M/S Heed Debt recovery Services Ltd No. 7255001733 held in ECOBank Rwenzori Branch.

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The letter also revealed that by the time fraud was detected, the suspects had already withdrawn Ugx200,000,000.

Byaruhanga was also in 2020 seen in another controversy after reportedly acquiring a firearm for his partner lawyer Andrew Kasirye despite the government’s halt on the issuance of arms to private individuals by then.

It was alleged that Byaruhanga used his position as Attorney General to intimidate junior officers to have a gun licensed for Andrew Kasirye. Our efforts to have his comment on the same were futile after our repeated calls went un answered but we shall bring his side of story as soon as he picks our calls in our follow up editions. an accessible web community

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