Klint Da Drunk Thrills Ugandans At Comedy Store

Klint Da Drunk Thrills Ugandans At Comedy Store

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By Hanning Mbabazi

Kampala: Popular Nigerian comedian Afamefuna Klint Igwemba aka Klint Da Drunk staged a thrilling performance at the Comedy Store night on Thursday night, which was held at UMA Exhibition Hall.

Klint Da Drunk, who is  one of Africa’s biggest comedians, was flown to Kampala by Ugandan star comedian Alex Muhangi.
The Nigerian comedian stormed stage at 11:20pm with his drunken character and took the waiting crowd through his jokes.

Klint cracking Jokes at Comedy Store

He started by showing how he can control the sound with his fingers, signaling deejay Lola to reduce and increase volume before jumping from one skit to another. The skit that worked for the crowd was how Nigerians came up with the ‘shoki’, ‘Galala’ and ‘Shaku’ dances. Da Drunk argued that the ‘Shoki’ dance was created when a deaf, dumb and lame woman was seen asking for money on the streets. The Galala dance was created after a man who had phobia for cockroaches decided to kill them by stepping on them and then the Shaku dance originated from a criminal who was running away from the police and after reaching a junction, he didn’t know where to go yet he was handcuffed.

The 46 year old saved the best for last when he concluded his one hour performance with his famous Reggae vibe skit. Ivuga band members were also in class as they did their best in supporting him.

Gagamel Papa (Bebe Cool) gave an owesome performance

However, before Klint on stage, Mc Mariachi, Senga Justin Nantume, Dr. T Amale and Godi Godi among others had impressed the crowd and for the music performances, Bebe Cool and Cindy as usual proved they were the best for the night. Cindy did live performances while Bebe performed on CD playback.

Accessdome.com: an accessible web community

Accessdome.com: an accessible web community

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