Knackered Business Man Shumuk Floored In Multi-Billion Case By Katatumba Family Again, Forged Signatures Cost Him Billions

Knackered Business Man Shumuk Floored In Multi-Billion Case By Katatumba Family Again, Forged Signatures Cost Him Billions an accessible web community

By Andrew Irumba

Kampala: The row between businessman Mukesh Babubhai Shukla aka Shumuk, the proprietor of Shumuk Aluminium Industries LTD and Katatumba family seems to be coming to an end finally after the family won him in several court appeals for years now, over three prime city properties.

According to the latest information, Shumuk yesterday again lost the case at Nakawa court over ownership of Hotel Diplomate in Muyenga, a building in a prime city area on Plot 2 Colville Street in Kampala, Katatumba Banda Island.

In the previous court rulings, Shumuk has been losing to Katatumba family but he has been ‘playing pingpong’, Music start Angella Katatumba, a family member told this reporter on phone today morning, before adding that the previous High Court ruling in Kampala had ordered Shumuk to cancel all titles for the properties he had illegally transferred into his names,but that he was turning to be more elusive on respecting the rule of law.

Not only that but Shumuk was also ordered to pay Shs10 billion to Dr. Bonny Katatumba’s family for damages caused during the case.

After successful court battle yesterday in Nakawa, Angella Katatumba  took matters to her social media jubilating for winning the appeal case logged in by Shumuk himself, at Nakawa court.

Katatumba’s Post reads;

“On November 3rd 2014, our Papa badly beat Shumuk in Commercial Court.

The Honourable Justice Henry Peter Adonyo ordered Shumuk to do the following;

1. To put back in the names of H.E Prof. BONEY KATATUMBA the three titles of Hotel Diplomaté, Banda Island and Katatumba Suites, that Shumuk FRAUDULENTLY put in his names. The courts also put permanent injunctions on Shumuk, to NEVER step foot at the Hotel Diplomaté or the Katatumba Island.

2. To pay KATATUMBA 300,000,000 Million UGX for damaging his name.

3. To pay KATATUMBA $2 Million USD with a 24% yearly interest which as of today, comes to $13 Million USD for the balance Shumuk owes for Katatumba Suites, of which Shumuk is in possession.

Shumuk then Appealed.

So instead of focusing on his Appeal, Shumuk has resorted to ABUSING THE COURT PROCESS by Forum Shopping, meaning, he opens the same case, with the exact same facts that he lost, in different courts, in the hope’s of getting a different result.

In the last few years, Shumuk has opened a total of 12 cases in; Makindye Court, Lands Division, Execution Division and Nakawa court.

ALL OF WHICH HE HAS MISERABLY LOST TO US, including losing this morning at Nakawa Court, to one of our Senior Lawyers Julius Turinawe.

Shumuk has desperately tried and FAILED three times, to get me arrested. He has resorted to forgeries, by shamelessly forging the Chief Justice and Katatumba family’s signatures in a failed attempt to steal our properties. A case he was arrested for and whose charges he is currently facing at Buganda Road court.

If these are not the last kicks of a dying horse…then I don’t know what?

Indeed, like our lawyer wisely puts it…EVERYDAY WE MOVE CLOSER TO BILLIONS OF DOLLARS.” an accessible web community an accessible web community

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