Kyangyenyi Health Centre III At Collapsing State Over Authorities Negligence

Kyangyenyi Health Centre III At Collapsing State Over Authorities Negligence an accessible web community

By Micheal Atwakiire

Sheema: Residents and users of Kyangyenyi health centre 111 are in worry over their only Government Health Centre developing serious cracks in every corner of the building.

According to reports, Kyangyenyi Health Centre III serves over 150 people a day from two sub counties of Kyangyenyi and Kakindo town council.

Patients found at the scene told this reporter that many people are dodging to attend nurses, others ran off sick beds to save their lives due to a worrying state fearing that the building may collapse when they are inside.

The most affected building is the General Ward Structure that also serves as medical Store. This has worrying and un accountable cracks both inside and outside.

Part of Cracks from top to bottom

Ainomugisha Didas Kashagama the Kyangundu ward Councillor told us that as leaders they reported the issue to the DHO Sheema district,but that he has never replied them.

He added that having the area District Heath Officer (DHO) failed, they reported it to President Museveni who promised to renovate it but that upto date, they’ve never received anything.

 “I can’t imagine what type of leaders we have, because it’s life they don’t value. These mafias are all about votes. We reported this issue even to the president but there isn’t any positive response, now if this wall collapses and kill the sick to death.. you will see them with machines to renovate it, for them they come after a danger,” Ainomugisha said.

Ainomugisha added that what annoys him is the poor usage of Government money by some selfish District leaders and civil servants.
“The problem with our leaders is that they mind about their families and their means of transport, they spend our money luxuriously,“ Ainomugisha said.

Simon Ainemukama the Kyangyenyi LC V Councilor said, he has talked about the worrying status of the Health facility in District Council several times but District and Health officials resorted to giving him a deaf ear.

He added that he even reached to an extent of visiting some offices like the Chairman LCV, CAO and that of DHO but ever since they promised working on over the worrying state, no positive progress was seen.

TheSpy Uganda tried to talk to District Health Officer Sheema district about the matter but he couldn’t pick our calls. an accessible web community

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