Latest Update! Kadaga, Oulanyah, Baryomunsi & Tanna Take Lead In CEC Elections

Latest Update! Kadaga, Oulanyah, Baryomunsi & Tanna Take Lead In CEC Elections an accessible web community

By Frank Kamuntu

Kampala: The latest provisional results from our sources at NRM Electoral Commission the tallying centre of votes of the elections of the Central Executive Committee (CEC) members, indicate that Northern region’s Jacob Oulanya, Western region’s Chris Baryomunsi, Sanjay Tanna from the East are still on top of their opponents.

Ms Namuganza had out of the blue decided to take on Ms Kadaga and in her campaigns preached that NRM should only vote for candidates who are loyal to the party adding that people with positions in government hold them on behalf of the party and therefore, it would be self-serving to use them to attack the party.

She accused Kadaga of entertaining a motion that condemned president Museveni in relation to the shillings 20 million that parliament gave to each MP in response to the outbreak of COVID-19.

But it seems all the above didn’t deter Ms Kadaga who kept on pushing her campaigns with the slogan “if it was not me, Museveni would not be on the 2021 presidential election ballot paper” and as we report now, she has taken a comfortable lead wining most of the regions and districts including Lyantonde, Kanungu, Yumbe, Kabale, Kasese, Kamwenge and her home district of Kamuli.

In the other positions being competed for, Deputy Speaker Jacob Oulanyah is comfortably leading incumbent Sam Engola for the position of the Vice Chairman, North while businessman Sanjay Tanna looks set to sweep the Vice Chairman for Eastern after brushing off incumbent Mike Mukula, winning most of the districts in East, Central and North.

Here are some of the preliminary results in the NRM CEC elections in different regions and districts.


1.Rebecca Kadaga-18
2.Kyazike Kinobe-00
3.Amongin Jane-00
4.Namuganza Persis-40

Vice Chairperson Northern
1.Odong Samuel-00
2.Jacob Oulanyah-52
3.Sam Engola -01
4.Jokkene Timothy-01

Vice Chairperson Western
1.Diini Emmanuel -00
2.Maj Gen Mataayo -11
3.Chris Baryomunsi-18
4.Timugaya Apollo -01
5.Muhangi Wilberforce-00
6.Kafuda Boaz-26

Vice Chairperson Central
1.Kiganda Twaha-00
2.Kiwanda Godfrey-07
3.Mayengo Moses-01
4.Magaro John-00
5.Kalisa Kalangwa -46
6.Nsegumire Muhamad-00

Vice Chairperson Kampala
1.Godfrey Nyakana-52
2.Singh Katongole-02
3.Salim Uhuru-03

Vice Chairperson Eastern
1.Tanna Sanjay-52
2.Mukula M George-10
3.Akello Christian-00
4.Buyera Christopher-00

In some of the districts.


Tana 68

Mukula 07


Sanjay 52

Mukula 20


Sanjay 96

Mukula 13


Sanjay 55

Mukula 26,


Sanjay 64

Mukula 12


Sanjay 49

Mukula 10


Sanjay 82

Mukula 4


Sanjay 82

Mukula 4 an accessible web community an accessible web community

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