Lawyer Mukasa Mbidde  Introduced By Sexy Nyaru Babe, Survives Cold Nights

Lawyer Mukasa Mbidde Introduced By Sexy Nyaru Babe, Survives Cold Nights

 By Andrew Irumba

Life is very blissful for lugubrious city lawyer Dennis Fred Mukasa Mbidde,  who has since survived cold nights especially during this wet season, after being introduced by a sexy Nyaru belle.

Mbidde and his fiancée only identified as Flora, held a colourful Kuhingira ceremony on Sunday at the home of his belle’s parents.

Mukasa Mbidde with fiancée Flora

The function, which was very private, was attended by only a few invited guests, who included Flora’s relatives and a few Mbidde’s friends.

After paying Flora’s dowry, Mbidde knelt down and put an engagement ring on her finger, as a sign that she is now booked and betrothed to him.

We are told the couple plans to wed as soon as possible and that Flora has already ironed her wedding gown.

Flora hands a bouquet to her Aunt (Senga)

It should be noted that Mbidde has been battling cold nights after living as a widower for years, ever since wife  Susan Namaganda (RIP), who was the Bukomansimbi Woman Member of Parliament, passed away in 2015, after getting involved in a nasty accident along Masaka Road.

Born  October 15,  1974, Mbidde is a Ugandan lawyer, human-rights activist, mass communication specialist, motivational speaker and politician. 

Mukasa Mbidde with late wife Susan Namaganda

He is an elected member of the 3rd East African Legislative Assembly (EALA), representing the Republic of Uganda. 
He has been in this office since June 2012.

He serves on three EALA committees: the Committee on Communication, Trade and Investments; the Committee on Legal, Rules and Privileges; and the Committee on Regional Affairs and Conflict Resolution.

 He is also the chairperson of the Committee on Communication, Trade and Investments. an accessible web community

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