LDUs Who Attacked Mityana LC5 Arrested, To Be Tried By Military Court

LDUs Who Attacked Mityana LC5 Arrested, To Be Tried By Military Court

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By Spy Uganda

Mityana: A patrol Squad in Mityana District spent better part of yesterday enforcing Presidential directives on COVID-19. Among th culprits were Boda-bodas who were carrying passengers among others.

However, according to our sources who were on ground, they revealed that there was misconduct of LDUs while handling suspects especially Boda-boda riders who were found carrying people or parking at their stages, which, according to LDUs, would look as if they were waiting for travelers.

It is in this context that LCV Chairman for Mityana District Mr Joseph Luzige intervened asking rude LDUs to handle suspects as fellow human beings, Unfortunately they didn’t listen to him hence exchange of words leading to a near fight which left eye witnesses disgusted over LDUs’ behaviors.

This however has attracted UPDF’s attention, and as we speak some of the officers who misbehaved are already in custody, awaiting to be grilled by the military court.

Among the suspects arrested include, L/Cpl Anguria Simon Peter, Pte Odeke Simon, Pte Musundi Caroline, Pte Okello Isaac.

An LDU Publically Squeezing Collars Of District Chairman Mr Joseph Luzige.

UPDF Spokes Person Brig.Gen.Richard Karemire said it was so embarrassing that their officers misbehaved, forgetting that they are serving under People’s army that was formed on core values of commendable morals, warning that whoever deviates from that track would always be punished according to the established laws

“There are examples to prove that we punish those who misbehave. Our soldier in Kasese was sentenced to 35 years imprisonment and an LDU personnel was yesterday sentenced to life imprisonment, all because of unprofessional conduct” Karemire warned.

“We therefore strongly condemn this act meted out against one of our senior civilian leaders,”he added.

Meanwhile, the Chief of Defence Forces has sent a team of senior leaders that include; Maj Gen Sam Kavuma, the Deputy Commander Land Force (D/CLF), Maj Gen Sam Kawaga, 1Div Commander and Maj Gen Henry Masiko the Chief of Political Commissar (CPC) to Mityana to make an on spot assessment and confer with both the district leaders and the district security committee.

“The UPDF wishes to reiterate its full commitment and loyalty to the people of Uganda and will always remain subordinate to the civilian authority as provided for under Article 208 of the Constitution” Karemire said.

Additionally, Karemire said there is no need to lose heart over these incidents revealing that a comprehensive review of these deployments to enforce anti-COVID 19 measures is soon to take place and they expect better results.

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