LIST: Musicians Who Are Sexy But Can’t Find A Husband

LIST: Musicians Who Are Sexy But Can’t Find A Husband an accessible web community

By Spy Reporter

Kampala: Many parents expect their daughters to take home husband when they reach a certain age, which is usually 20 and above. However, there are several sexy, beautiful and loaded musicians  who are above this age, but have either failed to find a man to call ‘Husband’ or are still single and searching. These celebs are very many but here are some of the most renowned ones;

Juliana Kanyomozi

Ever since she separated with her ex-baby daddy Amon Lukwago Juliana has not shown any signs of settling down with a man, despite the numerous dudes that have been linked to her. Matters in her love life worsened when she lost her departed son Keron Kabugo. Ever since his demise, Juliana has not shown any signs of getting another baby.

Divine Buchanan
This bubbly belle is popular not only for her booty but tracks like ‘Love’, ‘Can’t Go,’ ‘Dancing for You’ and others.

Divine Buchanan

Pia Pounds
This sexy belle is known for her hit ‘Tubawe’, which is a club banger. But countless dudes yearn for her Goodies

Sexy Pia Pounds

Spice Diana
The ‘32’ is currently one of the hottest singers in Uganda whom almost every guys wants a piece of.

Lydia Jazmine
She is currently rocking the airwaves with her club banger titled ‘You and Me’. Jazmine is one of the sexiest singers in Uganda whom men salivate for whenever she appears.

Lydia Jazmine

Barbaritah K
She has done several songs like ‘Ebiyungu’, ‘Juju’ and others but became popular because of her collabo with Fille Mutoni titled ‘Akatijjo’.

Karitas Kario
This dazzling singer is not only sex-dripping but also has a silken voice. Karitas is known for songs like ‘Njagaza Kajanja,’ ‘Bwentyo Bwendi’ and others.

Karitas Kario

Sharon Peyton
She is a dancer, singer and video vixen who is said to be the queen of seduction.

Jamirah Kalungi
She puts meaning to the word beauty and Jamirah is real Kalungi; her voice, lovely complexion and appetizing booty says it all.


Jamirah Kalungi an accessible web community an accessible web community

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