Lord Mayor Lukwago, Min Kamya  Clash  Over KCCA Law Enforcement Operations

Lord Mayor Lukwago, Min Kamya  Clash  Over KCCA Law Enforcement Operations

By Our Reporter

Kampala, Uganda: Jennifer Musisi left Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) but that didn’t mean Lord Mayor Elias Lukwago would automatically enjoy a smooth flow of events at City Hall.

The latest w have is that Lukwago is currently clashing with Minister for  Kampala Betty Kamya Namisango over the KCCA Law enforcement operations within Kampala. Ever since  Musisi resigned as KCCA executive directors, hundreds of vendors have stormed  Kampala streets to  sell merchandise. This however prompted Kamya to order KCCA law enforcement operatives to push the vendors off the streets, something  Lukwago doesn’t seem to agree with. Worse still, the operations are headed by Kituma Rusoke, whom Lukwago asserts is not eligible for the job. This is because the KCCA council in 2017 passed a resolution calling for Kitumas transfer following the death of Olivia Basemera, a vendor who was running from law enforcement officers in Kampala. It was said Kituma was personally commanding the law enforcement team that was chasing Basemera when she fell in the Nakivubo channel. However, Kamya maintains that  the  Kampala Lord Mayor has no authority to call for the re-deployment of the head of law enforcement, Kituma Rusoke. In a letter dated January 8, Kamya informed Lukwago that he is not mandated to implement authority resolutions because this is a preserve of the technical wing of Kampala Capital City Authority, headed by the Executive Director. Kamya was responding to a letter that Lukwago wrote to the Inspector General of Police complaining about  the re-deployment of Rusoke. “The obligation to implement lawful Authority resolutions is the preserve of the Executive Director in accordance with section 19(h) of Kampala Capital City Authority Act, 2010 and not the Lord Mayor or other extraneous authority,”  Kamya’s letter reads in part.

Lukwago in his New Year message said 2019 will be action-packed as they chase away all personnel, illegally occupying offices at City Hall. Lukwago said he had started with Kituma, by writing to the IGP asking for his immediate transfer.

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