Love In The Air: Singer Spice Diana Kneels For Nince Henry To Go Public On Chewing Her Soupy Sumbi

Love In The Air: Singer Spice Diana Kneels For Nince Henry To Go Public On Chewing Her Soupy Sumbi an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda

Kampala: Singer Spice Diana seems to be losing her heart over the ”continued silent bonking with fellow singer Nince Henry” after she took to her social media platforms kneeling for Nince Henry to go live and public and about their marital quo.

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According to our reliable sources, the two celebrities have been seeing each other for some time which has since stimulated Diana’s feelings and feel like it’s high time they come out and reveal the news to their fans.

In her social media post, Spice cried to Nince Henry thus; “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. We have kept this in the dark for a long and it’s painful. I have a family that needs to know.”

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She says that they have kept it in the dark and not even their families or friends know about it and she wants it to be known to everyone now.

She added, “Even my fans would like to know where I stand in this regard Henry. Yes. Nince Henry, It’s time we come out. It’s now or never. I’m tired. Byebyo.”

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On the post shared on her Facebook page, several fans and critics bombarded the comment section with contrasting views about the statement.

Some of her fans wished them well, a few were left wondering in which direction to look having read that, while others completely rubbished the possibility. an accessible web community an accessible web community

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