Low Voter Turnout In Local Council, Mayoral Elections Is Due To Incompetent & Sleepy EC’s Byabakama-Lukwago

Low Voter Turnout In Local Council, Mayoral Elections Is Due To Incompetent & Sleepy EC’s Byabakama-Lukwago

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By Frank Kamuntu

Kampala: Comparing last weeks Presidential, MP elections to today’s Lord Mayoral, Local Council elections, one may say something is wrong either with Ugandans or Electoral Commission.

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However, getting a point from the horse’s mouth as one of the candidates in the race to retain his seat as Kampala Lord Mayor, Erias Lukwago shortly after casting his ballot at Bulwa polling station in Lubaga division, he revealed that sleepy and disorganized Electoral Commission is the route cause.

“It is obvious that the Electoral Commission has demonstrated incompetence because in many polling stations materials have arrived late. Imagine at my own polling station, voting has begun at 10:30 am,” Lukwago said.

Disappointed Lukwago noted that many other polling stations voting begun beyond 10am saying that this is deliberated by the Electoral Commission to demotivate Ugandans and withdraw their involvement in the decision making for their effective leaders.

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He further said that despite polling materials arriving late in a couple of polling stations, there was confusion which saw ballot papers bearing candidates from other city divisions.

Lukwago noted, “I have cast my ballot but I decry the mess which has been witnessed in many parts of the city. What is happening is deplorable and an indictment to the NRM that went to the bush to reclaim the sanctity of the ballot paper. The message of the low voter turnout is one of the people losing confidence in the ballot paper yet it is the future of the country at stake.”

He added, “We shall continue fighting to ensure the will of the people is not subverted. I hope Justice Byabakama respects the will of the people and I have no doubt I Erias Lukwago will be declared the winner of the Kampala Lord Mayor race.

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