Loyal Citizen: Big Hearted Tycoon Hamis Kiggundu Donates UGX530M To COVID-19 Vaccine Procurement

Loyal Citizen: Big Hearted Tycoon Hamis Kiggundu Donates UGX530M To COVID-19 Vaccine Procurement

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By Spy Uganda

Kampala: Due to the escalating number of COVID-19 cases boosted by the shortage of vaccines in the country, youthful tycoon Hamis Kiggundu aka Ham yesterday donated a total of Shs 530 Million to help purchase 15000 doses of covid-19 vaccine in the struggle to save Ugandans from the notorious disease.

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Addressing the media at the Uganda Media Centre, Ham noted 5000 doses of these will be reserved for his employees and tenants and the 10,000 doses will be administered to Ugandans for free.

“As Ham Enterprises, am willing and ready to commit 530 million shillings towards this justified cause to buy vaccines approximately 15000 dozes. If we had only like 2000 investors to come out for each to buy at least 10000 dozes, we would immunize or vaccinate up to 20 million Ugandans which would be sufficient to bring the level of coronavirus down,” said Ham.

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Ham also called upon the business private sector especially fellow businessmen, landlords, employers, corporate giants and service providers to stand together and save the lives of fellow Ugandans in this covid-19 time.

“Am of the humble request to the private sector especially the investors that in addition to what government is doing, let us join hands and see whether we can secure vaccines because this is the only way towards elimination of this pending era,” he said.

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Kiggundu further warned that coronavirus disease (Covid-19) does not differentiate between the rich and the poor asserting that it’s high time for every responsible Ugandans to join hands in kicking the pandemic out of the country.

“Covid-19 does not know whether you are rich, covid does not know whether you are poor, everyone can be a victim to covid and it is our corporate responsibility as Ugandans and as a business private sector for who have been benefiting from Ugandans for all this time. They are our clients, our customers, and above all fellow Ugandans. From a reasonable point of view, It is our obligation to come up and purchase these vaccines and make sure a reasonable number of Ugandans are vaccinated,” he added.

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It is worth noting that the youthful tycoon has shared his wealth with Ugandans on several cases and aspects not forgetting that in 2020 he donated Shs100 million in cash towards the food relief distribution program that was targeting vulnerable people affected by the Covid-19 lockdown.

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