Lt. Col. Nakalema Kicks Off ‘Expose The Corrupt’ Campaign With Online Engagement Forum

Lt. Col. Nakalema Kicks Off ‘Expose The Corrupt’ Campaign With Online Engagement Forum an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni recently tasked Lt.Col. Edith Nakalema, who heads the State House Anti-corruption Unit,  to engage members of the public in a bid to extract complaints from them about people who are engaging in acts of corruption.

The President tasked Nakalema to go quietly to these people and ask them for leads that might help her Unit arrest all corrupt individuals both in public service and the private sector.

In order to gather such intelligence without endangering the lives of people who volunteer  to help Nakalema and her team, she has since started up an online public forum that shall be held every Wednesday, during which Ugandans with complaints about certain people that involve corruption shall register their complaints.

According to Nakalema,  160 persons have so far been charged before Courts of Law out of whom 128 are public officers currently on interdiction and 30 are Private Companies/Individuals.

They include; a Member of Parliament,   Permanent Secretary, an Executive Director, a Bank of Uganda Director, among others and of these 14 have been convicted.

Lt. Col. Nakalema’s team at the State House Ant-Corruption Unit engaging members of the public through the Online Platform

So in a bid to encourage Ugandans to report more corrupt officials that ought to be prosecuted, Nakalema’s ‘Expose the Corrupt’ campaign attracted several Ugandans during the maiden segment, some of who tweeted thus;



Replying to @AntiGraft_SH and @Charles90348845

@AntiGraft_SH HELP ME TOO. After paying the land search fees n done all d necessary, I’ve bn denied a land search letter at KCCA lands ofc. Ol am told backlog. Next thg, ur file is lost. Iam counting months since dat. A one Johnson kips intimidating p’ple who go wiz complaints.


Alex for Children@KwsiAlex

Replying to @edthnaka @PoliceUg and 6 others

Mine is on systems in public office, I’m working on building rentals, I worked on the plan and pending submission because when I embarked on it prepare payments the amount kept on changing for example (you need to pay this for the people who will be moving your papers.. this that


Nuwamanya Isaac Niyi @nuwamanyaisaac

I was blocked by NAADS on all their platforms becoz of raising my voice about what wasn’t going right

Isn’t blocking someone from accessing government information from a government agency another form of corruption?,can I be unblocked on all naads handles? #exposethecorrupt


Henry darlington@kabhry

Grtngs. I hv bn impresoned twice frm land I bought frm a registered owner but a 1 Maj. Frm SFC fraudulently using ebb police nd 1John Muzungu demolished my house twice and forced me 2gv the  land to him while in cells. #ExposeTheCorrupt


Deity Hot face@_Byarugaba_

Hi @UPDFspokespersn it’s day 62 and the UPDF in Moyo has failed to produce  Janet’s rapist. If they managed to rescue her from him then we don’t know why they are not producing him. We demand #JusticeForJanetAtayo


kisanja hakuna mchezoReplying to

@edthnaka @PoliceUg and 6 others

The most corrupt Police officer is the Oc Cid Kira Division,  a person was shot on site in Kira kito in broad day , but he destroyed all the evidence ,

The most corrupt police officer in East , West and Central Africa is ERASMUS TWARUHUKA,  the Director Legal services @PoliceUg


Keisinga Kabugombe@Keisinga_K

Replying to @edthnaka@PoliceUg and 6 others

Please intervene at the Mukono land office, two years now and we cannot trace two land titles lodged in for transfer! What kind of registry tells a client they can’t find their documents over such a long time?


Brian Nandala@BrianNandala

Replying to @edthnaka @PoliceUg and 6 others

You should first investigate the corrupt courts of judicature criminals are taken to court and after they walk Scot free and the country never recovers the money lost in corruption cases to these individuals


Andrew Semakula@AndrewSemakula1

Replying to @edthnaka @PoliceUg and 6 others

  1. Did government retrieve what Kazinda Stole? If No why? an accessible web community an accessible web community

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