ADF Terror Camp In Luwero Unearthed, Deadly Explosives Discovered

ADF Terror Camp In Luwero Unearthed, Deadly Explosives Discovered an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda

Luwero: Security officials from Uganda People’s Defense Forces (UPDF) led by its Spokesperson, Brig. Gen. Felix Kulayigye Thursday led a team of journalists to Luwero District where a one Kabonge Umar Achobe had allegedly established a training and recruitment camp for Allied Democratic Forces (ADF).

According to Kulayigye, the camp was discovered by UPDF in Kabonge’s compound at his home located in Kikubajinja cell, Kasana (PIIDA) parish in Luwero District.

”He was using his home as a store for his deadly explosives but also a school for terror activities and lessons,” said Kulayigye.

At Kabonge’s home, Kulayigye revealed that they discovered a pistol gun with a silencer, 20 bullets, explosives, fragments used in explosives, a cave underground of the house which is 13 feet, and other dangerous materials used in terrorism related activities.

So, How Did UPDF Discover This Camp?

Kulayigye revealed to journalists that the camp was discovered after one of the reportedly abducted girls [names withheld over security concerns] escaped from the camp and narrated to some locals the activities happening in Kabonge’s home who later alerted the security operatives.

In fact, area defense chairman Kivumbi Abdu who is a UPDF veteran soldier told our reporter that when he visited Kabonge at his home to find out what activities exactly were being carried there, he was welcomed by a huge crowd of juveniles locked inside the gate.

“When I got suspicious with this man, I came to his residence and asked him how he came to our village, he told me that he works from Gulu district,” said Kivumbi adding, ”The day I went there my friend hmmm… the entire compound was engulfed by a crowd of juveniles (girls and boys). Some of them don’t even know where they came from.”

Kulayigye said that the children are going to be helped by giving them protection and reshaping their mind that have since been intoxicated with Kabonge’s terror lessons.

TheSpy Uganda has also learnt that Kabonge is currently in hands of security operatives with a one Akbar Kabanda who was arrested over similar charges. It is said that Kabanda by the time he was arrested, he was assembling  massive destruction bombs and he had allegedly bought a vehicle to transport and drop them in his various targets.

The suspects were driven at break neck speed to Kampala and are reportedly being detained at Crime Intelligence Directorate in Bukoto. an accessible web community

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