M7’s KALOC Leader Stabbed

M7’s KALOC Leader Stabbed

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By Ronaldo N Kalangi

Sheikh Kassim Kamugisha, a leading youth leader in the National Resistance Movement party (NRM) who advocated  for the amendment of Age Limit out of the Constitution through their pressure group; Kick Age Limit Out of Constitution (KALOC) was attacked and injured by yet to be identified assailants  on Monday night as he approached his home in Kasubi.

According to Ibrahim Kitatta, one of his close Associates revealed that Kamugisha was heading home before some thugs approached him pretending to be asking for help and then stabbed him in  the cheeks almost killing him instantly.

“He is currently in a hospital receiving treatment. We hope that he will recover soon,” Kittata said.

Kamugisha is Kabale district youth NRM Chairperson.

He was among the five youths who spearheaded the removal of age limit in the constitution of Uganda that now allows president Museveni to stand again for presidency cum 2021.

Police has started investigations hunting for those behind this illegal act.

Accessdome.com: an accessible web community

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