Married Teacher Hunted For Bonking Side-Dish To Death

Married Teacher Hunted For Bonking Side-Dish To Death an accessible web community an accessible web community

By Michael Atwakiire              

 Sheema: Shock gripped people of Kabwohe Division over the weekend after finding Rosette Tumusiime, a resident of Mahega village, Rushozi Ward, Kabwohe division, dead in Mwesigye Victor’s room a teacher of Kakindo Technical Institute.

It is suspected that Mwesigye could have bonked Rosette to death or has information about what could have killed her, because he fled into hiding shortly after her demise.

Mwesigye  is a teacher at St. Benedict Kakindo Technical Institute, in Kakindo town council, Sheema district.

Residents in the area told Spy Uganda reporter that Rosette was on Friday seen going into Mugisha’s rented muzigo to enjoy weekend bonk-fests like she usually did every weekend.

However, on Monday morning her body was found naked lying in Mugisha’s bed, yet he was nowhere to be seen. Dennis Mbaine, the OC CID Sheema district told us that; “After this incident happened, Mugisha told his wife that there was a friend of his who had come to visit him but later died in his house. He asked the wife to call any teacher at Kakindo Technical Institute such that they could get away of removing the body from his room.”

Mbaine added that “Mugisha’s wife called someone, who also alerted the Principal of Kakindo Technical Institue, who  thereafter informed the police.”

 On  reaching the scene, police broke into the house and landed on Rosette’s corpse.

 However,  sources at the scene told police that  Rosette had been Mugisha’s side dish for a long time and wondered what could have caused her death and why he had decided to go into hiding.

But preliminary investigations indicate that Rosette might have died a natural death because she was HIV/AIDS positive, Diabetic and asthmatic.

However, what raised eyebrows is why Mugisha decided to flee after her death without notifying the police.

Currently, the  police are hunting for Mugisha such that he can help them with investigations and Mbaine said if found culpable, he will be charged with murder on file number CRB 608/2019.

Rosette’s uncle who preferred anonymity told this reporter that “She died at the age of 48 years. She was daughter of late Tom Rubariyo from Rushozi ward. Rosette got married to Assa Natwijuka, son of Rev. Erisaamu Katahwiire of Kiruhura district. After giving birth to two children with her husband, she divorced him and started selling secondhand clothes in Kakindo market, where she met and hooked Mwesigye.”

The Uncle added that “Our daughter was HIV positive and suffering from asthma. She left home on Friday morning going to Kakindo market for her business but didn’t return. But we didn’t suspect any trouble because that was her lifestyle; she was always away on weekends. But we were shocked after receiving news that  she died mysteriously.”

Mwesigye, 56,  is a teacher at St. Benedict Technical Institute Kakindo, where he has worked for over 14 years.

He is married  to a professional teacher  identified as  Prudence Mwesigye  and his home area is in Bumbaire, Bushenyi district.

However, Benon  Muhangi, the Principal Kakindo Technical Institute, said that Mwesigye has never been his teacher and that he doesn’t know him.When asked Rosette’s body found its way  in the staff quarters, Muhangi said “Give me your numbers , I will call and tell you.” an accessible web community an accessible web community

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