Martha Kay’s Ex-Lover Who Leaked Her Nudes Exposed

Martha Kay’s Ex-Lover Who Leaked Her Nudes Exposed an accessible web community

By Our Reporter

Kampala: The man who allegedly leaked sensational comedian Martha Kagimba aka Martha Kay’s nudes has finally been exposed.

Martha New

TheSpy Uganda has learnt from credible sources that the dude behind the leakage has finally been identified as Mozy Rymz Uganda, a city socialite cum fashionista. Our Spies have  established that Mozy was chewing Martha Kay’s Sumbi some time back but that she dumped him after hooking up a loaded dude. It is said  that ever since Martha dumped Mozy, the dude has been begging her to allow him into her sumbi again, something she had continuously refused, assuring him that he is no longer her type.

Martha Kay

So after continuously rejecting his smart wire, Mozy started threatening to do something to Martha that she would regret for the rest of her life, although she didn’t know what he meant. So it wasn’t until Martha’s saucy nudes and video leaked on the internet that she realised that this could be what Mozy could have meant when he threatened to do to her something she would never forget.  Martha’s nudes sparked off untold scrotal eruptions in Kampala and beyond borders after they leaked on social media on Friday. However, Mozy  has not yet come out to claim to have been behind the leakage or have any knowledge about it.

Mozy Rhymz an accessible web community an accessible web community

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