Matheniko Cattle Rustlers Slaughter Karimonjongs In Cold Blood

Matheniko Cattle Rustlers Slaughter Karimonjongs In Cold Blood an accessible web community

By Andrew Irumba
Several Karimojongs were killed by Matheniko cattle rustlers who raided parts of Kotido district on Sunday night.

Reports indicate that the  Matheniko warriors from Kenya who were armed with guns, pangas, bows and arrows attacked a kraal in Kamor village, where killed four innocent Young boys and injured three, before fleeing with several cattle.

Following the gruesome murder, Nakapiripirit District Woman Member of Parliament Hon Anyakun Esther Davinia has called upon   Government to intervene in the matter, such that the local citizens can have security for their lives and animals.

Some of the Karimojong that were killed

Hon Anyakun contends that Government should carry out redeployment and redesarmament in the region if such cases are to be prevented from happening again.
The Uganda Police is however yet to issue a statement about this deadly attack.

It should be noted that the Karimojong are very prone to cattle rustlers and a few years back they used to protect themselves against the rustlers using guns, although they have since been disarmed by the Uganda Peoples Defence Forces(UPDF). an accessible web community

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