Meet 65yr Old Ugandan Businessman With 13 Wives, 266 Children!

Meet 65yr Old Ugandan Businessman With 13 Wives, 266 Children! an accessible web community

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If you are looking for the most fruitful man in Africa, you must travel all the way down to Uganda to meet 65-year-old Mustafa Magambo Mutone. He is a proud father of 176 children, 90 grandchildren and has 13 wives and 10 girlfriends! Wowowoo, yes, it’s as true and accurate as you hear it, 266 children all together!

According to Mustafa, he has financial challenges to train them all and wants the Government of Uganda and yes, you the readers to support some of his children.

“I’ve tried to feed my 13 wives and over 176 children but it’s not easy. I urge the government to at least sponsor 30 of [its] children in high school and tertiary institutions,” says Mutone, a businessman and a resident of Kyaterekera trading center, Kagadi district in western Uganda.

Mustafa added that he has over 40 children in elementary school and plans to establish his own primary school and elementary school in Kyaterekera. He says he has about 10 children in the universities (Makerere, Mbarara and Kyambogo), most of them on private sponsorship. Mustafa has five pairs of twins among her children. His biological children will hit 180 in number at the end of the year because six of his wives are pregnant.

Mustafa Mutone, a Mubwisi by tribe, is chairman of Kyaterekera Trading Centre. He was born January 1, 1952 in Kiryabwenju, Nyamiti Parish, Muhorro City Council in Kagadi District. His first marriage was 1968 at the age of 16.

In an interview with the New Vision, he declared that he is still strong enough to marry more wives and carry more children because he does not drink alcohol, smoke or take sugar.

Mustafa, who deals in beans, corn and coffee is also a wholesaler at Kyaterekera trading center. He says that some of his wives work as midwives at Mulago Hospital, Mbarara Hospital and in Rwanda.

                                                                  Some of his children

“Two of my twin-daughters are in Kampala and Isingiro who work as midwives, while another two – Haniffer Kabasomi and Jane Tuhaise work as nurses. My youngest wife is 25, and the oldest is 50, but I had about 10 girlfriends before I went officially and they delivered the same year,”said Mutone.

According to him, his first-born child is 49, while the youngest are four-year-old twins. He also noted that he has over 90 grandchildren. The gray-haired Mustafa Mutone said that he has a special book, registering every child born, either inland or out, because he has some wives in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda and Burundi.

He said that one of the challenges he faced is the long distance that some of his women live in different parts of the country.

” I receive about 10 calls each day from different wives who want attention, but I can’t be everywhere. I have seven wives in Kagadi, “he said. “I have no challenge to support them because some of them support themselves because they work” he says.

Madina Tibasiima, 45, one of his wives with nine children, said she had not encountered any problems with a large family because most of her children work as soldiers, civil servants and nurses. However, she said that her younger children need tuition fees. Some are in primary school and others in high school.

One of Mutone’s sons, Kyaise Suwedi, 40, a resident security officer in Kyaterekera said his monthly salary gives rise to some of his brothers’ education.

“We were prepared by our father to be responsible, have good morale and work hard. The only challenge is the large number of dependents on other wives who have children between the ages of four and thirteen,” says Kyaise.

While another son, Muhamad Byarufu, 45, said he owns a company and helps pay school fees for some of his younger brothers.

“We have a program to start a school with our father, because some of my brothers are teachers. We will not find a problem hiring teachers and getting students to teach. Some of my young brothers are in primary elsewhere and some of our stepmothers’ children are in school age. They can fill the classes, “he said.

Mustafa is not alone, Mariam Nabatanzi Babirye, is another Ugandan female who has 38 children, most twins, triplets and quadruples, and she gave birth to all of them at her home! an accessible web community

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