Members Of Parliament Turn Personal Assistants In Sex Objects

Members Of Parliament Turn Personal Assistants In Sex Objects an accessible web community

By Andrew Irumba

Kampala: Legislators have been accused of shamelessly sexually abusing many of their female sexy personal assistants. Ann Adeke Ebaju, the National Youth MP, said on Monday that it is unfortunate if MPs are really involved in sexual harassment of their employees.

Adeke noted that MPs are not above the law and urged the girls to speak out openly. The matter came up on Monday when members of the Uganda Parliamentarians Personal and Research Assistants Association presented a petition to the speaker Rebecca Kadaga, complaining about the poor working conditions and remuneration by the legislators. The association, which is led by Festo Kajura in interim capacity, is composed of over 150 members.  Some female members told Kadaga that they face sexual harassment from legislators who employ them.  Diana Bakaire, a member of the association, said several ladies employed by the legislators are pressurized into sex by the MPs so as to keep their jobs. She said that because of this they are finding it hard to keep their jobs at Parliament and pleaded for the speaker’s intervention.

Bakaire said “It is mostly young girls from Universities and secondary schools who end up being exploited but can’t speak out.” Benard Atiku, the Ayivu county MP said that the female personal assistants could be facing the problem since they are contracted by individual members of parliament, since each legislator hires their own personal assistant.  Atiku says those making the accusations should table evidence to avoid appearing like they are blackmailing MPs.  Although Kadaga didn’t respond to the complaints of sexual harassment, she encouraged women last week to report sexual harassment in workplaces. an accessible web community an accessible web community

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