Min.Aceng On Fire As Gov’t Considers Her Acts Regrettable 

Min.Aceng On Fire As Gov’t Considers Her Acts Regrettable 

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By Spy Uganda

Kampala: The Minister of Health and 2021 Lira MP hopeful, workholic Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng this time is on spotlight for negative reasons, after she reportedly failed to practice what she preaches. This, after she was seen engaged with a crowd in Lira, Aromo Sub-County without a face mask, and with out observing social distancing,as she preaches.

This has caused a lot of controversy on different social media platforms with questions about whether COVID-19 fears Minister Aceng, who has always cautioned other Ugandans to observe COVID-19 SOPs set by her Ministry of Health so as to curb the spread of the virus.

Since her visit to Lira a few days after her announcement that she would be participating in the forth coming general elections on a position of Woman MP in the same district, it has left a lot of Ugandans uncomfortable saying that her visit was political rather than launching facemasks as she claimed.

Due to immense pressure on Gov’t over Aceng’s shameful act, ICT Minister Judith Nabakooba has finally described the incident  thatas ‘regrettable’ that Aceng could gather such groups of people without observing SOPs yet she has always advised other people to observe them.

“We ask for forgiveness as Gov’t for such a gathering  in Lira without putting on facemask and not observing social distance. Nabakooba said”

However Nabakooba requested Ugandans to stay observing the COVID-19 measures set by Gov’t adding that let Aceng’s acts be not an excuse for others to flout COVID-19 guidelines.

“With time Minister Aceng will come and address the nation to what caused what was seen on social media since we were not there, she knows what happened better than us” Nabakooba said.

This comes at a time when the country is still struggling with COVID-19 virus that has resulted in an endless lockdown and some Ugandans lost life over rude LDU’s while enforcing guidelines which was different when Aceng was gathering with her people protected by Police.

Minister Aceng this morning came out with a detailed statement defending her self saying “Lira residents they got excited when they heard about the Minister whom they call ‘mama Corona’ and rushed to see me.”

This didn’t sound nice to many Ugandans, TheSpy Uganda has collected first 10 Facebook comments raised towards Aceng’s post:

William Byarugaba: What a nonsensical statement from the minister of health, no wonder she supports life presidency.

Waluluka David Jako:  A simple tactful apology would suffice, not this pre-school hogwash. But what is sincerely wrong with you people? Even when caught stack naked , you still want to claim that you where oiled.

Raydee Okalang Ogaracha: Minister Achieng you have failed the nation, most sensible and rational thing to do in this scenario is to resign!

Otimong Sultan Ali: Aceng should just apologize and accept her mistake.arcades are still closed because of you the so-called scientists who keep on Advising M7.

Muhoozi Grace: Hmm,so as long as you are putting on a”Yellow”dress! You started professionally well against Covid19 fight, but mixing it up with politics is the worst thing ever.

Byamugisha Geoffrey: But why did you remove your mask and put it down. How do you demonstrate without being exemplary to those villagers.

Ainomugisha Simon: This PR strategy has failed before it starts! Swallow a humble pie and apologize!

Jimmy Okwany: Stop mixing issues. I wonder who made you gamble into politic. However, it is not yet too late, you can still score some points. But doing your business without facemask was a very big undoing politically and as a person at the elm of health in the country.

Ritah Serenum: The same lady who said we need another phase of lockdown, they call us hooligans for always speaking the truth, yet actually they are the ones making us be hooligans, history will judge you for causing pain to us.

Mwima Fazal: Well done and said “Mama Corona” my attention is drawn to specifically the phrase “They were difficult to control” some things are inevitable sometimes so better understand it in a national context that if others fail to control them too, they shouldn’t be treated with high handedness.

Cypher Charlie: But what went wrong with Ugandans… instead of apologizing u are justifying what u did..we all have eyes we watched the video and we can judge from what we saw…U and yo government will be remembered for making us suffer and did nothing to us yet u got a lot of money… HISTORY WILL JUDGE.

Note:The above comments are raised by concerned Ugandans on Facebook not Editors of this article or reporters.

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