Minister Janet Museveni Endorses Prof Lawrence Muganga’s Book; ‘You Can’t Make Fish Climb Trees’

Minister Janet Museveni Endorses Prof Lawrence Muganga’s Book; ‘You Can’t Make Fish Climb Trees’ an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda

The Hon. Minister Of Education and Sports dubbed 1st lady, Janet Kataaha Museveni has commended Victoria University Vice Chancellor, Prof.Lawrence Muganga for being an eye opener in matters of education.

The Hon. Minister said the above endorsing Prof.Muganga’s best-selling book ‘You Can’t Make Fish Climb Trees.’

In a viral video, Janet praises Muganga’s book which calls for transformation in the education systems, saying indeed there is a need for African countries to change their education systems and focus on Authentic Learning as the only way to produce a competent workforce able to boost the continent’s social-economic transformation.

”Many of you have heard me promoting the book ‘You Can’t Make “Fish Climb Trees’: Overcoming Educational Malpractice through Authentic Learning by Doctor Muganga. This book points out the need for transformation in the education systems of mostly Sub-Saharan African nations, it gives various reasons for the need for change one of which is that over the years, systems and processes in other sectors have evolved leading to transformation while the education sector that contributes a significant proportion of the skilled workforce has maintained the status quo,” states Hon. Minister.

The first lady agrees with Prof. Muganga that the workforce produced by the current African education systems represents a mismatch of the skills and competencies that lack relevancy to the workforce in the economy which leads to unemployment.

”Dr. Muganga in his book represents a mismatch of the skills and competencies that lack relevancy to the workforce in the economy. He refers to this mismatch that kills creativity leaving many students frustrated and jobless after the long hard road of education,” says the 1st lady.

The Hon Minister goes ahead to praise Muganga for advocating for authentic learning that focuses on practical experiences based on real-life context.

She says Authentic Learning places the student at the centre as opposed to the teacher-centered popular approach to lesson planning and delivering which forces students to learn through memorization of isolated facts something she says can’t produce quality graduates.

Prof.Muganga for years has been tirelessly advocating for educational transformation urging African governments to trash the ‘archaic education systems’ which he says are modeled for the nineteenth century, a revolutionary period for European history.

In the above-mentioned book, Prof.Muganga advocates for the kind of revolutionized education model that would see students’ individuality used to empower them so that they can navigate their future and the workforce successfully which in return will curb the burden of unemployment that has swept over the entire world.

Muganga continues to spread his advocacy for Authentic Learning through his new book titled ‘Authentic University: Transforming Education for a New Era’ which can be accessed via major online bookshops including Amazon.

This new book proposes to overcome the manifold shortcomings of the modern postsecondary school by offering an innovative education that corresponds to the realities of the modern era.

It also blends three distinct concepts of student-centered education to provide students with a personalized learning experience that develops distinct skills and competencies required by today’s employers.

Now, it would be unfair to conclude this without telling you where to get the above-mentioned books. Tap on this link for Authentic University Book; & then here for You Can’t Make Fish Climb Trees. For hard copies, pass by Victoria University at Jinja Road, Kampala or call for deliveries; +256 700 300 088, 707780 258, 701 702 443. an accessible web community

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