Minister Joy Kabatsi Warns Butchers Over Animal Rights

Minister Joy Kabatsi Warns Butchers Over Animal Rights an accessible web community

By Peter Ssebulime

State minister for animal Industry Joy Kafura Kabatsi has warned the stakeholders in the sector of animal slaughtering to stop mishandling animals, but use proper ways of doing it as they improve on the working standards.

She said this at a workshop organized by Uganda Muslim Supreme Council through its Halaal directorate last week.

The workshop that was held at Old Kampala Mosque aimed at deepening the Halaal standards compliance in Uganda.

“We have procured mobile abattoirs to do the transportation of already slaughtered animals’ meat from villages to Kampala and other parts of the country, as an avenue to mitigate the vice of poor standards and illegal transportation of animals,” she said.

Minister Joy Kabatsi taked tough. (File photo)

She also revealed that there are about to pass other strict policies to punish big headed people who fail to observe laws attached to the sector.

The secretary for Halaal/slaughterer sheikh Muniiru Ssebintu advised the general public that not every Muslim is mandated to slaughter animals. He outlined some of the guidelines that must be followed. an accessible web community

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