Minister Kamuntu Warns Teachers Over Corporal Punishment

Minister Kamuntu Warns Teachers Over Corporal Punishment an accessible web community

By Micheal Atwakiire

Sheema: Uganda’s Minister for Tourism Prof. Ephraim Kamuntu has cautioned teachers against administering corporal punishments to students as a form of disciplining them, saying that such acts amount to “criminal actions.”

The minister made remarks while attending the world teachers day celebrations held at Sheema stadium in Kabwohe town.

Kamuntu said pupils and high school students see some of their teachers as terrorists due to corporal punishments. He added that teachers shouldn’t behave like Lions but instead, would adapt teaching ethics while handling students at school such that they don’t run away from them.

“To be a teacher means a role model but I’m surprised seeing some teachers turning into terrorists at students, students have resorted to running away whenever they see their teachers instead of welcoming them,” he said.

He also cautioned some teachers for thinking that some students are dull. He said, its teachers’ responsibility to understand the nature of a student they teach whether he/she is a quick learner or a slow learner.

He asked teachers to always be time punctual and hardworking. “A good teacher produces good results from his learners but a bad one makes them dull and remain with complaints,” Kamuntu said.

The function was also attended by the Sheema Resident District Commissioner (RDC) Frank Kyereere who was the guest of honor. He warned Sheema District Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Moses Kanyarutookye and the District Education Officer (DEO) Nshabiirwe Esau Willy to stop hiding the undisciplined and incompetent teachers.

The RDC also said that he receives a lot of complaints from Government schools over teachers’ indiscipline and excessive alcoholism. He ordered the immediate dismissal of all drunkard teachers.
“I was very surprised to see on a notice board showing that you have only two vacant posts in education, why can’t you expel those drunkard teachers and create space for the capable, please go and dismiss these incompetent teachers because you can’t be yourself when drunk,” Kyereere said.

However, Mutabarura Willy the Uganda National Teacher’s Union (UNATU) Chairperson Sheema District said that however much Government increased on salary structures, teachers’ salaries are still down.

Kyereere requested teachers to always be appreciative of how much government pays.
“I taught for more than 13 years, but I remember being paid money which couldn’t buy a trouser, in our years, a female teacher couldn’t allow being married by a male teacher because they were all living in grief life. At least you today, the salary you get can buy 50 quality trousers, therefore always appreciate this government,” Kyereere said.

The District DEO Nshabiirwe Esau Willy thanked teachers who changed their behavior after being cautioned and urged all to be role models to the society. an accessible web community

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