Minister Nabakooba Cautions Leaders On Polluted Towns As She Breaks Ground For Entebbe Civil Works

Minister Nabakooba Cautions Leaders On Polluted Towns As She Breaks Ground For Entebbe Civil Works an accessible web community

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Entebbe: Judith Nalule Nabakooba who is currently the Minister of Lands, Housing and Urban Development, has tasked Entebbe Municipality leaders to kick pollution out of Entebbe town so as not to cause health threats to the residents, president inclusive.

The Minister revealed these via the groundbreaking event of civil works on; Kampala road, Apolo square, auxiliary road, market street access, hill lane access, Lugard road access and also upgrading the Kitoro taxi park phase I.

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According to the Minister, around the world, waste generation rates keep rising which calls for sensitisation campaigns asking people to change their waste management behaviours and also offer collection points and dumping venues.

”Ladies and Gentlemen, as we move to urbanise, we should be mindful of the need to keep Entebbe clean. I have seen trash cans on the roadsides, do they use them religiously as expected? We cannot afford a polluted Municipality when it hosts the country’s top strategic places and most importantly the first citizen,” noted Nabakooba.

She added, ”A clean town is what I expect from Entebbe because poorly managed waste serves as a breeding ground for disease vectors, contributes to avoidable pollution especially of our lake and the side effects are clearly known, and also a dirty town can even promote urban violence. Let us do all we can to have clean Towns.”

Entebbe is a strategic town in Uganda hosting the President’s official home, the International Airport, the UN base, important sites like the zoo, the lake and its beaches among so many others.

”What doesn’t show well on Entebbe can affect the first impression of a new visitor to Uganda. This means you influence our tourism in one way or the other; The challenge is real and is immense for you to represent the whole country well,” Nabakooba noted.

On civil works, Nabakooba congratulated the Municipality upon procuring a civil works contractor and the supervising consultant to carry on the current civil works and tasked leaders to corporate with contractors for excellent results.

”I want to Implore China Wu Yi Company Ltd (CWYC) and the consultant UB Consulting Engineers Ltd (UB), that the work must be done well, in the set timelines so as to make the NRM Government proud,” noted Nabakooba before adding;

”I have been informed that the roads have pedestrian walkways, covered drains, conduits for utilities like Telecoms and IT, Water and Sewerage, electricity, bicycle ways, trees, garbage cans, waiting for shades, street parking and good solar street lights. I will come to be part of the commissioning, to pride ourselves in the great work we shall have delivered to the people of Entebbe.”

It is on the same event that Minister made a revelation of USMID Program closing in December 2023 tasking leaders to complete all the plans within the remaining period.

Minister also reminded Ugandans at large thus; ”When we came to this Ministry, we opened up a call centre with a Toll-Free line 0800 100 004. This, together with the already established complaints handling mechanism under the USMID Program should be helpful. I encourage you to use these channels at all times.”

Pictorial Of Nabakooba In Entebbe an accessible web community

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