Ministers Hail Bungabet For Creating Jobs

Ministers Hail Bungabet For Creating Jobs an accessible web community

By Spy Reporter

Mbarara, Uganda: The minister  for Karamoja Affairs Hon. John Byabagambi and Geoffrey Kiwanda, the State Minister for Tourism, hailed Bungabet Uganda for creating jobs and improving the lives of many Ugandans.

These are some of the students who graduated

The ministers made their remarks on Friday afternoon during the graduation ceremony of Ankole Vocational Institute, which is owned by big shots in Mbarara district. Hon. Byabagambi praised Bungabet Company, which he said has employed over 100 people in Mbarara, including some graduates from Ankole Vocational Institute.  The Minister had this to say; “I really thank Prosper Tuhaise, the CEO Bungabet, for being a Ugandan who owns and manages a betting company that has helped Ugandans a lot. He helps put back money in the pockets of several Ugandans and the  community at large.” Byabagambi informed the audience that the President has directed closure of Betting companies owned and managed by foreigners  because they repatriate  all the money they get to their mother countries, unlike Ugandans, who reinvest the money in Uganda. Byabagambi called on citizens to chase betting companies from villages the way he has done in his home area.

Bungabet offered a computer lab to Ankole Vocational Institute and also informed them that 15 of the workers from that Institute are to be taken abroad for further training. Several other speakers, who included Hon. Kiwanda, praised Bungabet for equipping hospitals of Bukiro in Kashari and Nshwere, in Kirihura health centres, with basic medical supplies. an accessible web community

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