Mixed Reactions After Social Media ‘Appointed’ Gen.Kayihura New Coordinator Of Intelligence Services Finally ‘Replacing’ Gen.Tinyefuza!

Mixed Reactions After Social Media ‘Appointed’ Gen.Kayihura New Coordinator Of Intelligence Services Finally ‘Replacing’ Gen.Tinyefuza!

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By Andrew Irumba

Kampala: Social media on Monday afternoon was a wash with news that they (Social Media Media Commanders) had ‘appointed’ former police chief Gen.Kale Kayihura as new Coordinator of Security Intelligence, finally replacing renegade Gen.David Ssejusa Tinyefuza. However, in normal circumstances, this is the job of commander in chief (CiC)of the armed forces, who in this case is Rtd.Gen.Yoweri Kaguta Miseveni, who doebles as president of the republic of Uganda.

Nevertheless, the UPDF leadership came out yesterday and dismissed the allegations saying there was no official confirmation from CiC to that effect, andGand therefore the public needed to treat it as satire meant to spice up their Monday,away from the Covid19 lockdown stress the public has been dealing with for four months now down the road.

But additionally, our close spy to the general asked about the matter, and Gen Kale in a laughy mood answered that he was not aware of such an appointment.

“I also see people giving me appointments on social media. Today I am this, the other day I am something else. I read them for entertainment,” a source quoted the general.

The appointment would mark a complete turnaround for General Kayihura who was sacked as police chief on March 4, 2018 after falling out of favour with President Yoweri Museveni amid reports that he was building his own power base within the security forces.

He was later charged over his role in the illegal repatriation to Rwanda of refugees wanted there. Gen Kayihura also was charged with “failure to protect war materials.” He denied the charges before a military court.

The speculation of his appointment to sit in the position once held by Gen David Sejusa before he ran to exile in 2013, has excited many people, given Kayihura’s large network, as well as people who are afraid of his return to active political work.

TheSpy Uganda Brings You Some of the Reactions From Ugandans on social media;

@Joshuabasiima. Kayihura back into security Oh wow.

@KTuryamureebaAt such a critical time, General Kare Kayihura is appointed as the new Co-ordinator of the Security Intelligence.

@firststoplegal1: Gen Kale Kayihura Can Only Be Re-Deployed Legally After His Court File Is Closed At The Court Martial. 2) And His Case Is Closed In The US – The American Legal Limbo.

@HoimaBouy.Wat Happened to the Charges #Kayihura was battling with in the military court?

@TindimwebwaCha2. Thank you your excellency this man is highly educated and in terms of security he is an extra weapon congs frankGen Kayihura Gets New Office.

@gad_arthur. Gen Kale Kayihura hired and appointed back on duty. This teaches me only one thing, “eno ensi tekwemazzamu” he is laughing last!

However,it should be remembered that Gen.Kale,as commonly called was fired by his boss via social media, who knows, his boss could be the commander of Social Media as well!????????

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