More Evidence That Minister Adolf Mwesigye’s Tormentor Davis Lacks Minimum Qualification For the Seat, NCHE Dustbins His Papers

More Evidence That Minister Adolf Mwesigye’s Tormentor Davis Lacks Minimum Qualification For the Seat, NCHE Dustbins His Papers an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda

Kampala: After Spy Uganda previously reporting that Davis Kamukama, who trounced Minister of Defense Adolf Mwesigye Kasaija Apuuli on Bunyangabu Parliamentary NRM party flag was reportedly unqualified and allegedly got nomination forms using false and fake academic papers, our investigative team went further to dig the depth of the matter.

According to the results we have gathered from the National Council for Higher Education (NHCE), it has been confirmed that Kamukama used dubious means and got fake documents that were presented before the National Resistance Movement party electoral commission to participate in the primary elections.

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According to NHCE report from quality assurance committee (QAC), it received 70 applications as of 15 August 2020, for Certificate of Completion for Formal Education of advanced Level Education Standard or its equivalent in Uganda, by the aspiring persons to elective offices.

NHCE Result Clarification.

The council adds that it had set a deadline of 2 August 2020 for receiving applications. This deadline was set in tandem with that of the Electoral Commission for aspiring candidates for the Parliamentary Election which was 11″ August 2020.

Out of the 70 applications, 56 were received within the deadline of 2″ August 2020 and 14 applications were received and after the deadline 2nd Fifty-Eight (58) applications were recommended and Certificates issued.

Meanwhile, seven (7) applications received after the deadline were under consideration while two (2) applications were recommended for refund having applied in error.

In addition, three (03) applications were not recommended for issuance of the Certificate of Completion of Formal Education of Advanced Level of Education.

The results also shows that Kamukama Davis has a Uganda Certificate of Education, UNEB 1997, Uganda Junior Certificate in Principles of Tropical Agriculture 2007, Uganda Junior Certificate in Principles of Junior Tropical Agriculture 2008.

However, it has been discovered that UNEB advised NCHE that the qualifications of Junior Certificate in Principles of Tropical Agriculture -1 & II are NOT equivalent to Advanced Level of Education meaning can not give Kamukama a chance to participate in a parliamentary political race.

Therefore since Kamukama’s qualifications are not enough to support his win against minister Adolf, he is likely to be denounced by the NRM electoral commission and be cancelled out of the parliamentary race for the forthcoming 2021 general elections.

It should be remembered the root cause for all these was after one of the trounced aspirants by Kamukama, O’womujuni Vincent, petitioned the NRM Electoral Commission and the party Chairman Yoweri Kaguta Museveni to nullify ‘unqualified’ Kamukama’s candidature.

Dr.Vincent Womujuni’s Petition.

The petition reads;


Dr. Vincent O’womujuni, one of the aspirants for the NRM Member of Parliament-Flag bearer for Bunyangabu constituency hereby humbly petition the chairman, National Resistance Movement, Electoral Commission and states as follows:

This petition is against the nomination and subsequent election of the NRM Member of Parliament Flag bearer for Bunyangabu Constituency one KAMUKAMA DAVIS on ground that he is not qualified to stand for election for Member of Parliament in accordance with Article 80(1(C) of the Constitution of the Republic of Uganda-Which state that, A person is qualified to be a member of Parliament if that person has completed minimum formal education of Advanced level standard or its equivalent which is established in a manner and at a time prescribed by Law.

The same position is re-echoed under section 4(1), (c) of the Parliamentary Elections Act, 2005, to the effect that;

It is my humble submission that the nomination of the candidate KAMUKAMA DAVIS Contest for NRM Member of Parliament Flag- bearer for Bunyangabu Constituency was unlawful, irregular, null and void for want of the Certificate from national Council of Higher Education equating Junior Technical Certificate in Tropical Agriculture Stage II to Advanced Certificate of Education in Uganda.

 In the premises, we humbly pray that you invoke your powers under Article 39(10) (c) of the NRM Constitution which provides that; “The electoral commission shall be fully conversant with the national laws and regulations relating to elections and to ensure that NRM complies with them.”

I therefore pray that the electoral commission nullifies the nomination and subsequent election of KAMUKAMA DAVIS for NRM Member of Parliament Flag- bearer for Bunyangabu Constituency. I humbly pray.”

Meanwhile, when contacted via phone, Davis reaffirmed his earlier position that he has all the requisite qualifications a member of Parliament needs. “Those are machinations of my competitors, I need to see you physically and I show you these papers, I have them in my hands,” Davis told our reporter. an accessible web community an accessible web community

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