MPs Eulogize Swaggarific Speaker Oulanyah With Booze, Sex & Oogies At Parliament!

MPs Eulogize Swaggarific Speaker Oulanyah With Booze, Sex & Oogies At Parliament! an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda

Parliament: Just take your holly seats and read this we eulogize our great fallen speaker.

Some Of The Tools MPs Used To Celebrate Oulanyah’s God Given Life Along Side Bible Verses

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We’re sure from all the eulogies coming from different parts of the world about the life of Oulanyah, even if you didn’t know him, by now at least you know that the person being buried tomorrow in Omoro District was one of the most hardworking, most focused leader Uganda has ever been blessed with. That’s a given.

However, apart from bawl ties, riding bikes, and dressing to kill, there are other lifestyles very close friends especially his fellow MPs knew about their fallen friend, he lived his life to the fullest. He lived his free lifestyle. In fact, in some parliamentary functions, Oulanyah would be the first to take to the floor to break the most latest dance strokes and a saluted king dancer of traditional- bolla dances.

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Therefore, due to his golden heart and being a man of the people, a group of some fellow MPs on Tuesday gathered at parliament for a vigil and this time, those things of rules of procedure, point of order, point of information, so forth & so on found no place anywhere near them.  This time round it was purely boozing to staggering mode, while other MPs went spiritual responding to thrilling worship and praise songs.

On there other hand however, some MPs went a notch higher, after emptying uncountable crates of all tribes of beers, expensive wines, and spirits, they were later snooped by our ever-on-alert spy vamoozing from parliament around 2am, some in pairs of the opposite sex…whooosh…this was a point of interest for our ‘mbega’, who started battling questions like, why a female MP who came single this time round is retiring in pairs with the opposite sex?!

Our Snoop Captured a Fuso Lorry Off-loading All Tribes Of Booze At Parliamentary Gardens Around 9m Tuesday Night

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Mind you, our snoop had earlier on visited the washrooms at parliament and found a full government-supplied (not for sale) condom dispensers strategically placed. But at around 2am when our female snoop checked both in males’ and females’ washrooms, most dispensers were either empty or half empty! kindly don’t ask me where the ‘bu’ things went, it was a night of sharp-shooting and we suspect some ‘bonking accidents’ happened, so just count after nine months, if you see a female MP giving birth, know the timing and run fast to suggest that child be named ‘Oulanyah Vigil’!No Point Of Order Here:MPs Submerged In Booze At Parliament On Tuesday Night

To cut the story, short, by the time our snoop left at around 3am, the entire parliament was punctuated by empty beer crates, expensive liquor & mineral water empty bottles, empty condom dispensers and ofcourse=====HONOURABLE MEMBERS WALKING IN ZIGZAG as if parliament had all of a sudden been erected on Kabale hills, had to climb for our sharp MPs!😂😂🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️ an accessible web community

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