Muhoozi Project: Museveni Disarms Most Cantankerous Generals Ssejusa, Tumwiine, Gutti With Early Retirement!

Muhoozi Project: Museveni Disarms Most Cantankerous Generals Ssejusa, Tumwiine, Gutti With Early Retirement! an accessible web community

By Andrew Irumba

Former coordinator of Military Intelligence Gen David Ssejusa, who first applied to leave the army in 1996, and bush war hero Gen Elly Tumwine are set to retire from the Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) next week. Before the coming up of the still forgy but steadily building-up Gen Muhoozi’s ‘project’, Gen Ssejusa applied to leave army but was denied on several attempts. The top leadership of the army, according to sources believed that releasing Ssejusa who still had networks to mobilize would become catastrophic,like Dr Kizza Besigye. Sources told our reporters that Ssejusa can now retire because he’s now old and in the village cultivating his cassava. “He is harmless. All he can do now is to rant on social media, nothing else,” source told our reporter Andrew Irumba on phone. Source also added that since ‘Muzei’ is going, he wants to go with his Generals so the son can also build his own Generals.

“Museveni doesn’t want to leave these cantankerous Generals with his son. He’s the one who knows them well and they respect him so much because he built them. They owe him everything. But you see Irumba, leaving those ‘Twarwana’ with a new generation will be suicidal. Even when Muhoozi is president,most of them will see him as a son and therefore will not kowtow easily. It will be hard for them to accept that the boy they carried on their laps is now their boss. A crystal clear example is Rwanda’s Paul Kagame, who was our chief spy here before he went to Rwanda as president,’ added source.

According to a list seen by TheSpy Uganda, several other Generals set for retirement include historicals like Lt Gen John Mugume, Lt Prossy Nalweyiso, the Chairman of General Court Martial Lt Gen Andrew Gutti, Maj Gen Stephen Kashaka, Maj Gen Joram Kakari and Maj Gen Phenehas Kaitirima.

Others are; Maj Gen Elly Kayanja, Maj Gen Geoffrey Muhesi, Maj Gen Burundi Nyamunywanisa, Ministry of Agriculture Permanent Secretary Maj Gen Kyomukama Kasura, Maj Gen Micheal Odonga, Maj Gen Gavas Mugyenyi, and Maj Gen Octavius Buturo.

Also, Brigadier George Mwesigwa Bitanuzire, Brig Charles Rutarago Tusiime, Brig Fenekasi Mugyenyi, Brig Godfrey Kimbowa, Brig Grace Agaba, Brig James Kaguezi, Brig Stephen Gava, Brig Sam Bishuba, Brig Francis Kashaka, Brig Jackson Mulondo, Brig John Obima, Brig Benon Ntegyereize, Brig George Etyang, Brig Martin Ndyanabo and Brig Benard Obola are among those set to retire next week.

Saw this further cements Muhoozi’s chances to become the next president since those in ‘qeue’ seem to be leaving the contest ‘honourably’. Watch the space…. an accessible web community

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