Mukasa Mbidde’s UGX2B Wedding Budget Out As City Tycoons Kowtow UGX1B On Account Ahead Of Friday Launch!

Mukasa Mbidde’s UGX2B Wedding Budget Out As City Tycoons Kowtow UGX1B On Account Ahead Of Friday Launch!

By Andrew Irumba Katusabe

Kampala: For starters, East Africa’s grand-master of English, the Hon.Fred Mukasa Mbidde Esq, will on 28th April 2023, be walking down the isle his gorgeous Nyaru-Nyash babe, known as Phiona Nayebale, the CEO of his Elsie Hotels.

To some of our readers, Mbidde was married to Bukomansimbi Woman Member of Parliament Susan Namaganda, who unfortunately passed away on December 11, 2015, following a nasty road accident along Kampala – Masaka road. After over four years of cold nights, Mbidde’s heart was finally melted by the above-mentioned Nyaru babe.

To pay homage to his fiance’s cultural background, Mbidde in 2019 traveled to Rwanda, clad in a black and white Kinyarwanda attire for the traditional ceremony known as ‘Gufata Irembo’  (in Rutooro dialect, Kurora Irembo/ Kateera rume), where he was escorted by an entourage consisting of family and close friends from all spheres of life, including DP President Norbert Mao.

Based on the huge size of the the budget, there is no doubt Mbidde’s function will be mega and very colorful as it is valued at Ugx2B, but as we report this, his friends, the city tycoons under their association of Bagaga Kwagalana have already staked Ugx1B for others to start from, that’s according to our ever alert Spy with in them.

City Property Mogul, Godfrey Kirumira is the chairman of the Preparatory Committee whose secretary is City Lawyer Francis Nshekanabo, one of Mbidde’s long-time friends. The Wedding Launch is scheduled for this Friday 10, March 2023 at Sheraton Kampala Hotel.

Asked our source why all the above huge budget of Ugx2B, we were informed that this will be a one-in-a-million event where after the wedding, the couple will board their boat at Kigo enroute to Comoros for their honeymoon.

”My friend, if you have been around, then you know Mbidde’s life style. He’s not your average man when it comes to life style choices. Just know members of the famous Kwagalana group have vowed to organize a wedding of the century for Mbidde, a very close associate of the organization,” said the source.

According to the program, Mbidde is to hold the Giveaway ceremony on 26, April 2023 in Kololo and the Wedding will be held on 28, April 2023, just a day after the giveaway, our Spy added.

Mighty Spy Uganda has also learnt that the couple shall wed at the prestigious Munyonyo Catholic Martyrs Basilica at a function to be presided over by Bishop Severus Jjumba of Masaka Diocese and later on host their guests at the Lake Victoria Serena Golf Resort & Spa.

Our Spy eavesdropped some telephone conversation alluding to the rumor that HE. President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni might be the chief guest the wedding.

Meanwhile, it is not clear where the bachelor party shall be conducted but sources close to the couple have confirmed to us the close friendship that Mbidde is with Charlie Lubega, it might land them at Guvnor, one of East Africa’s swankiest nightclubs, complete with premium and corporate service.

About Fred Mukasa Mbidde

Hon.Fred Mukasa Mbidde Esq is a Ugandan lawyer, Human-Rights activist, mass communication specialist, motivational speaker, and distinguished politician. He is a former member of the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA), who represented the Republic of Uganda twice in that parliament.

He is the current national Vice president of the Democratic Party, (DP). He is also a distinguished member of the Pan-African Lawyers Union and the Coalition for an Effective African Court on Human and Peoples’ Rights (African Court Coalition). Mbidde is a former Guild President of Makerere University-2001.

Hon. Fred Mukasa Mbidde had some basic military training in the 1990s and played a note-worthy role in the 1994 liberation war of Rwanda, when he fought alongside the Rwandan Patriotic Army (RPA) before joining Makerere University in 1999. He is the Patron of the Mbidde Foundation and the reigning attorney general for Kooki chiefdom.

Mbidde has been his own boss over the years and has run businesses that include among others; The Financial Times newspaper (1999–2000), a Forex bureau (1999 to date), a Radio Station in Rwanda, a law firm Mbidde & Co Advocates (2011 to-date), the Mbidde Foundation headquartered in Nagoya, Japan, etc.

Mbidde holds a Mass Communication degree (2003) from Makerere University, an LLB (2009) from Makerere University, and a postgraduate Diploma in Legal Practice (2010) from Law Development Centre.

He also had leadership training at the Norwegian School of Leadership and Theology (HLT) in 2005. In 2014, Mbidde had a legal engagement in Practice in Sub-regional Courts at the Mandela Institute, University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa.

Now, be rest assured that TheSpy Uganda will be bringing you all the updates in regards to this without Hig-haga! So if you want to follow Hon.Mbidde’s wedding, please endeavor to carry your dictionary along for ease of reference, because, I’m as sure as day follows night, that there shall be compunctious, appurtenances, which will be punctuated with a lot of rather wacky, zanky, cuckoo, freakish, unco.lekker, congenial and purely satisfying simpatico gigantics! See you soon…! Please, let’s all Kowtow 🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Pictorial Of Mbidde And His ‘Night Warmer’ During Traditional Ceremony an accessible web community

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