Mukulu Roasted For Slaughtering ‘Smelly’ Young Talents On Stage

Mukulu Roasted For Slaughtering ‘Smelly’ Young Talents On Stage an accessible web community

By Denis Turyahebwa

Yolesa Ekitone Talent show judge, Alex Mukulu has been massively condemned by Ugandans for humiliating young talented boys live on stage accusing them of poor hygiene.

Mukulu bitterly and mercilessly humiliated the boys saying they were stinky that he couldn’t even see their dance moves because of the bad smell from them as fellow judges laughed out loud.

Angry Ugandans could not hold it as they rushed to social media spitting venom at Mukulu and other judges who included controversial BBS TV personality, Diana Nabatanzi. Many branded them shameless and disgraceful.

However, one could say this was a blessing in disguise since many Ugandans have come out to support the young souls.

Amongst the many people who picked interest in the matter is the “Faridah” hit-maker Bruno K who has offered to help these boys achieve their dreams before promising to employ them for his next video at a cost they will ask including getting them outfits.

This morning smiles were all over the boys as they finally met with Bruno to start making plans on how to work together.

Bruno told the boys to never let anyone pull them down and to never give up on their dreams pointing out that he also went through the same when he had just joined the industry.

“I know how you guys feel because I have been through the same. When I had just started singing, people tried to demoralise me but I never gave up. I will work with you and many Ugandans out there have reached out to me saying they want to help you. I can assure you you will become stars. I will do everything in my powers to make it happen,” he added. an accessible web community

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