Mukwano Group Ventures In Plastic Recycling Business

Mukwano Group Ventures In Plastic Recycling Business an accessible web community

By Felix Oketcho

Kampala: Uganda’s oldest soap and edible oil manufacturer-Mukwano Industries Limited has joined plastic recycling business to save the environment from pollution.

Trading as Dunia Recycling Innovators, the subsidiary core business includes collection and recycling of plastic in urban and rural areas.

Mohamed Karmali-Dunia Manager said the only way to curb plastic pollution is to take action and recycle.

“As part of our corporate social responsibility we have created Dunia Recycling Innovators to do just that. The motivation to recycle plastics and change the narrative of irresponsible waste disposal is key for my generation and future generations to come,” he said.

Karmali noted that they collect plastic waste through a fleet of three wheeler motorcycles criss crossing major plastic waste centers in Kampala.

“We are currently operating a fleet of three wheelers which are the first of its kind in Uganda. They are collecting plastics from all major restaurants, Hotels, places of worship, resorts and Supermarkets in Kampala” he said.

“We have taken the initiative to supply plastic recycling Bins to these institutions in order for collections to be regular and more efficient,” he added.

According National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA) over 300 million tons of plastics are produced every year.

“Plastic pollution threatens food safety and quality, human health and contributes to climate change. Industries in Uganda consume up to 600 metric tons of plastic waste a day and only about 6% of that waste is collected,” added Karmali.

Established in the1980s, Mukwano Group of companies manufactures goods ranging from liquid detergent, Mineral Water, Jellies, Plastics both domestic and industrial, detergent powders, edible oil and fats, toilet soaps and laundry. an accessible web community

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