Muntuyera High School Students  Refuse To Do Exams, Suspended

Muntuyera High School Students  Refuse To Do Exams, Suspended an accessible web community

By Micheal Atwakiire

Ntungamo: A total of 216 students of Muntuyera high school Kitunga, in Ntungamo district, have been suspended over failure to do end of term examinations.

The head teacher, Joseph Twine Muganga, said that the suspended are students of senior three, four and six. “The students went for Easter break on Thursday with timetables for the end of term one exams. But to my surprise on Tuesday three classes refused to sit for the exams and we decided to send them home until further notice,” Muganga said. He added that however other students of senior one, two and five are at school doing their exams and are expected to end on Friday May 3rd, 2019. “We shall soon convene a board of governors meeting to determine the fate of those expelled but we shall get ring leaders and advise them to get other schools,” he said.

Some of the students after being suspended

It is alleged that the same group last week escaped from school at 4:00AM and went to Kyamate in Ntungamo municipality, where there was a regional football tournament, with an aim of disrupting the games and some were arrested by police but released later in the day. One of the students who spoke on condition of anonymity told us that the trouble started on Easter Monday when they were fed on bad posho, which he said was best for pigs, not human consumption. However, the head teacher refuted the allegations, saying that those who remained at school during Easter holiday were given special meals. an accessible web community

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