You Were Negligent: Museveni Faults Gen.Katumba For Not Having Follow Car

You Were Negligent: Museveni Faults Gen.Katumba For Not Having Follow Car an accessible web community

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Kampala: During his last night’s address on COVID-19, President Museveni diverted his message into the security of the nation where he wondered how assassination survivor Gen. Katumba Wamala lived a life of laxity without tight security.

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On 1st June 2021, unknown assailants travelling on two motorcycles tried assassinating Gen Katumba by shooting at his vehicle an incident that left him with injuries whereas daughter Brenda Nantongo and driver Haruna Kayondo died on spot.

Delivering his presidential message in that regard, Museveni faulted Gen Katumba saying he also made some mistakes of moving without a follow car despite his juicy rank that may be targeted by every criminal.

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At the time of the assassination, Katumba was moving with one escort and a driver.

Museveni said, “If the General and the population are not alert, then they can be attacked. In the case of Gen Katumba he also made some mistakes because apparently, he was moving without a follow car. He was moving with one escort and a driver. I didn’t know that. A four-star general should be having a follow car. But even then the bodyguard reacted and that’s how the killers ran away. Two people died but he (guard) saved the General and himself.”

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Meanwhile, Museveni urged Ugandans to remain alert and in case of any insecurity, report immediately to the area security officers so as to curb criminality, “When something like this happens it is because the whole country was relaxed. We are now mobilized. The assailants did their terror using our laxity. Now, everyone stand alert in case of any insecurity alert our officers immediately, ” Museveni said.

In 2018 following the gruesome murder of former Buyende DPC Muhammad Kirumira by unknown assailants allegedly moving on motorcycles, Museveni through police issued a couple of directives to end such criminalities among them including getting all sports motorbikes registered all over the country.

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Museveni also announced that the government was to re-introduce Local Defence Units, adding that over 24000 personnel would be recruited from the reserve force and crime preventers to be deployed in the Kampala Metropolitan Area to curb the increasing crimes especially shootings however all these among others have done less in curbing killings. an accessible web community

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