Museveni Meets Kickboxer Apolot, Promises To Clear All Her Expenses

Museveni Meets Kickboxer Apolot, Promises To Clear All Her Expenses an accessible web community

By Samuel Opio

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni on Saturday met International Lightweight Kickboxer, Patricia Apolot for the first time.

The meeting that came as a surprise to Apolot was held at State House Entebbe where the president promised to clear all her expenses amounting to UGX 360 million.

In an interview with this newspaper, Apolot said that the smile on her face after meeting the president was unexplainable.

“How I felt? Unexplainable! The president was so happy to meet a young talent with vision,” she said.

She added that the president has promised to come and investigate and see why this great talent has not been shown to him because they deserve to recognized

The government of Uganda doesn’t take boxing as a serious sport in Uganda given the fact that there are many talented boxers in the country who are not recognized.

Apolot, 27, is the reigning Ugandan female kick boxing champion, a title she has held for three consecutive years.

She also holds the World Kick Boxing Federation International title that she won after defeating Ivana Mirkov of Serbia in Hungary.

Apolot has won several other home, continental, and intercontinental fights which makes her the holder of the largest number of belts and gold medals in the sport in Uganda. an accessible web community

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