Museveni Quickly Passes Out 5200 Police Constables To Quell Besigye,Bobi Wine Deadly Upraising!

Museveni Quickly Passes Out 5200 Police Constables To Quell Besigye,Bobi Wine Deadly Upraising! an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda

Kampala: If you have been long enough and studied President Museveni, you will realize that the man from Rwakitura doesn’t take chances, and he never underestimates ‘situations’. That could probably explain why he he’s so far so the longest serving president of Uganda ever. So, according to our intelligence within security,upon seeing that Rtd.Col.Dr.Kizza Besigye and opposition leader Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine have apparently secretly agreed to fight same war but from different directions of the country, after studying their game, Museveni is not sleeping, he has now passed out a total of 5200 no-nonsense police constables to counter and mute the opposition plans.

According to security, opposition have a plan to make the entire country ungovernable and push Museveni out of power even before the next election. And remember, according to NRM’s electoral commission chairman Dr.Tanga Odoi, the party already has the 2026 presidential candidate in the names of non other than Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, the son of a peasant late Amos Kaguta! So now, this means opposition sees no chance to oust NRM of power through the ballot hence the plan. But as they day, in old adage that when someone one serves you ‘head meat’, you also serve him ‘feet meat’! Museveni is not giving chances.

Meanwhile, speaking at the function held at the Kabalye Police Training School in Masindi district, the president revealed that there is need to increase on the number of police officers to ensure proper policing.

“The proper ratio should be one police man for every 500 people. Now that the population of Uganda is now 43 million, we should be having ideally 86000 police men,” Museveni said.

The Inspector General of Police, John Martins Okoth Ochola said the passing out of the 5200 police officers means the police to population ratio has now reduced compared to last year.

“The total Police Force strength now stands at 52,000 against the population of about 42 million which translates into a police population ratio of 1:832 as compared to last year’s ratio of 1:893,”Ochola said.

He however noted that there is need for more recruitment of officers to match the international standard.

“ I wish to note that while the police population ratio has improved as indicated above, there is need for annual recruitment of personnel in order to further reduce the police population ratio to the International Standard of 1:500.”

Ochola said the force’s key priorities now including rolling out of CCTV cameras to all the parts of the country and fill the camera coverage gaps, addressing terror threats through community policing and equipping officers with appropriate tools, observing human rights, fighting corruption, and addressing the general welfare of police officers among others.

He however urged the police officers to ensure they observe human rights.

“Policing is a very rewarding career but the rewards of the profession are for those who are disciplined, committed, patriotic, patient and pro-people. As young and new members of the force, consider yourselves fortunate to have been selected and entrusted to serve. You have joined a noble profession that calls for continuous training and personal sacrifice to ensure effective and efficient performance,”Ochola told the recruits. an accessible web community

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