Museveni To Address Financially Struggling Ugandans On Current Affairs In The Country – Press Secretary

Museveni To Address Financially Struggling Ugandans On Current Affairs In The Country – Press Secretary an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda

HE. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is set to address Ugandans tomorrow on the current affairs in the country.

This has been revealed in a statement issued by Senior Press Secretary to the President Lindah Nabusayi Wamboka who says the address will be telecast on all TV and radio stations at exactly 8pm.

“NOTICE: National Address on current affairs by President, Gen.Kaguta Museveni.

Date: Wednesday, July 20th, 2022.

To be aired live on all TV Stations & Radio Stations.”

Among the key issues, Ugandans expect Museveni to shed light on, include the current economic crisis that has hit the country for a couple of months now, worsening the poor standards of living in the East African landlocked country.

For the past seven months now, Ugandans have been forced to spend twice if not thrice as much to afford necessities like fuel and food, among other commodities.

In his last address on the crises Uganda is dipped in, Museveni blamed Europeans whom he accuses of causing what he called an artificial problem leading to the higher cost of production.

In this regard, Museveni said it was time to stop depending on who he called “mistake makers” in Europe, the United States and Russia — who have caused the high prices.

“The Russians have blockaded the Ukrainian ports,” Museveni said. “And I hear within the ports there are 25 million tons of wheat, the petroleum, and even the fertilizers. Remember, fertilizers are also a problem because they are produced by Russia, I hear. If these people, if they are a bit humble. … We need to advise our friends, the bazungu (whites) to please, find other ways of how to solve these problems.”

Some economic pundits advised the leader to cut taxes on commodities such as fuel, but he insisted that this will only cripple the economy.

Museveni instead asked Ugandans to be frugal in their purchases of imported goods, stop depending on “rainfall agriculture,” increase production and use locally made materials.

However, economist Madina Guloba said the president needs to show by example his frugality through government expenditures that are not proportionate to government income.

“These industries need produce to continue functioning, especially agro-processing industries,” Guloba said. “So, the moment we increase production but for home, it doesn’t help. Then definitely commodity prices will also still stay high even if global patterns improve. You know, we need to think also (about) jobs. The moment you do all these things, the jobs are going to be lost. So, who are you going to tax at this time?”

Currently, fuel is selling between Ugx6000 and Ugx10,000 per litre and the cost is expected to increase.

Museveni said Ugandans will need to be patient until Uganda starts its oil production in 2025 for prices to go down, which may also decrease the cost of living. an accessible web community

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