Museveni To Construct School In Tanzania

Museveni To Construct School In Tanzania

By Hanning Mbabazi

Chato: President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni promised to construct a seven classroom blocks for a school in Tanzania.

President Museveni who was in Tanzania to visit President John Pombe Magufuli’s sick mother made the pledge to residents during a rally in Chato which is also Magufuli’s home District.

During the rally which was broadcasted live on Tanzania Broadcasting Corporation (TBC), Magufuli told residents that President Museveni had pledged to support education in the District by building classes of a school of choice.
“My people, I want you to show gratitude to our brother and friend (Museveni), who has come all the way from Angola, passed every country on the way and come specifically to see us. Now he has told me he wants to contribute to our education here by building classes for our children. Listen to him from his own mouth,” Magufuli said, handing over the microphone to his counterpart.

Museveni asked Tanzanians to tell him where they need the classes to be built, and he will erect seven blocks.
“Once you show me the space/land, I will build seven classroom blocks to educate our children. To me, this is like home. I feel happy whenever I am here,” Museveni said.

Magufuli together with residents agreed that Museveni be given space in Nyabirezi village, Chato District in Geita region.
“Now you see, Mzee Museveni will give us seven classroom blocks. That means if a child starts school, they can study from one block in Primary one and keep moving blocks until primary seven. Give him a thunderous applause,” Magufuli said.

This is not the first time Museveni is making contributions to schools outside Uganda and specifically Tanzania.
Indeed, Museveni already has a school named after him in Kagera, while he has also constructed a number of schools in the same region.

Museveni also reportedly spent Shs1.7b to build schools in Muleba district, also located in Geita region. These are located in; Nyaligamba, Muhutwe, Kamachumi and at Nyamiyaga Murongo.

In 2015, Museveni donated Shs700m towards the construction of a school in Rwanda. Four years earlier (July 2017) Museveni had given Shs780m to Nalukunga Primary School in the same country. an accessible web community

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