Museveni Vows To Run Daily Monitor Bankrupt, Drags Newspaper To Court Over Alleged 1st Family COVID Vaccination

Museveni Vows To Run Daily Monitor Bankrupt, Drags Newspaper To Court Over Alleged 1st Family COVID Vaccination an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda

Kampala, Entebbe: The genesis of Museveni’s statements derives from the story published by the Daily Monitor on 23rd February quoting an American newspaper- the Wall Street Journal which said that Museveni’s inner circle were offered vaccines from China state-owned drugmaker Sinopharm under a move by China to promote its vaccines.

Now in response to Daily Monitor, Museveni via his Women’s day 2021 address that was held at State House Entebbe, revealed that he has was in the process of running the paper bankrupt through court battles if no apology is made to him.

“I have already instructed my lawyers to sue Daily Monitor for lying that I and my family were vaccinated… going to make that paper bankrupt if they don’t apologize,” said Museveni.

Speaking about the situation of COVID-19 in the country, Museveni said that the virus is going down, also noting that the government was working on having in place a Ugandan-made vaccine.

“We don’t want to depend on others, it took us a little bit of time because when we were looking for things to use, they said…you Africans what are you looking the vaccine for.. you wait we shall get it and send you, Africans don’t look for vaccines, that’s what we were told,” Museveni said.

Commenting about the drastic decrease of daily cases in the country, President Museveni attributed the development to good analysis, taking time to understand the characteristics of the disease and the ability by the majority of Ugandans to listen to advice by health workers.

On therehand however, the President blamed violence in homesteads on poverty. “The family is not earning, those people are fighting over poverty, they are not earning,” he said.  “Not long ago, the 2014 Census said that 68 percent of homesteads are working for the stomach.”

He further noted that social-economic transformation should be key if Ugandan women are to transform totally.

He said, “Everybody should be engaged in four sectors of the economy that the government is focusing on which are commercial agriculture, small factories (Industry), services or Information Communication and Technology.” an accessible web community

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