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A senior official in the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) has for the very first time openly come out and opined a dozier accusing the [people’s president] Rtd.Col.Dr. Kizza Besigye of allegedly using  clandestine methods [very similar to the ones they used while still in the bush] with his former boss Gen.Yoweri Kaguta Museveni to frustrate the presidential bid for the longest serving army commander in the history of NRA/UPDF Rtd.Maj.Gen.Gregory Mugisha Muntu’s  for the highest office in the country cum 2021!

Accused of under hand methods: Rtd.Col.Dr.Kizza Besigye

Mr. Joram Bintamanya ‘Ogwekyoma’ who is also FDC’s Chairman Fort Portal Municipality and a delegate  from Kabarole in the Friday’s party elections made these mind boggling revelations on Tuesday afternoon at the party Headquarters in Najjanankumbi where he had come to take part in the flopped party prayers coordinated by pastor Sandra Ngabo.

Joram is also a District councillor representing South Division and Chairman Finance Planning and Administration at Kabarole District Headquarters.

“I can tell you that Mr. Museveni fears to face Muntu in the 2021 National ballot, Muntu is still highly respected in the army hierarchy and Museveni fears this.You know that it’s Zimbabwe Defence Forces led by their commander that engineered acoup not citizens,Museveni knows it, I can bet. I don’t know whether it’s by design or just a coincidence, but for the first time in Besigye’s opposition politics I’m seeing him and Museveni having the same agenda, to destroy Muntu and promote little known Patrick Obo Amuriate (POA) to lessen his (Muntu) chances of being the party flag bearer cum 2021, This will 100% work in favor of Mr.Museveni. That’s why they are arresting POA every day to popularize him while they leave Muntu at ‘large’, because they want people to think that Muntu is amole and therefore undependable. This is Museveni at play,that’s how he created Besigye,if you remember” Joram argued.

Whereas Joram argued his point with a lot of difficulty avoiding to annoy the person of Kizza Besigye and some of his die hard supporters who were part of the adhoc ‘debate’, other pundits disagreed with him. Mr.Denis Twahika among others, argued that the party constitution doesn’t automatically qualify the party president to be its flag bearer therefore that was not true. But in response, Joram retaliated that though it’s not written anywhere in the constitution, one needs to deploy logic and reasoning to realize the fact that a party president has an upper hand and national party strictures and resources at his disposal to influence compared to others . It’s not written anywhere, but as a street parking controller would you demand parking fees from Lord Mayor’s car parked on the street and even clamp it for failure to pay? That’s where we deploy common sense. If you’re a politician but can’t influence then you’re lacking, Joram fired back.

Besigye’s thriving Businesses in Kampala Surprises Joram:

As if possessed by Tooro spirits, the jail bird was yet done! According to Joram,he has always wondered how a true  Museveni critic could have his ‘boat’ thrive in turbulent ‘waters’ controlled by his nemesis! “You see you people, you must use common sense more than any other source of knowledge. If it’s not witchcraft Besigye has given you to get possessed and stop thinking, how on earth can the state focus on just a ghetto president Bobi Wine’s bussinesses who came just ‘last night’ but live Besigye’s petrol stations networks across the country and other businesses to thrive? well guarded? an opposition member to be more successful in business more than the regime supporters?!  . You have seen how Amama Mbabazi, Garuga Musinguzi etc’s businesses were completely brought down. Garuga even reached an extent of going to talk to Museveni to ‘forgive’ him. But in all these, Besigye is just having fun with the state security apparatus” Joram said.

“By arresting him they give him more clout against other ‘opposition’ figures. This works for Museveni and Besigye,because each one legitimizes the other’s stay. Besigye legitimizes Museveni’s Gov’t before the international community and Museveni legitimizes Kifefe as the face of the opposition, this is business”  Joram argued.

The man from Tooro argued that any dictator will first curtail your financial muscle as the first step, that’s why Amama Mbabazi, David Sejusa and  Bobi Wine are now in Billions of losses. “How does Besigye’s moneys from his international funders enter Uganda without Museveni knowing? You think all of us are fools?”  Can your enemy recommend your wife for a juicy international  job so that the family can earn better,get international connections to fight better against their ‘enemy’? yet the same person follows Bobi Wine for just a small kavulu (musical show)in Masindi ? how much money was he going to get from there compared to Besigye’s petrol stations? Not all of us are fools” Joram argued.


Joram, without mincing words concluded that because Besigye knows that the grass root party structures built by Muntu and at the headquarters would not allow him easily to seek the party’s flag for presidency for the 5th time, he had to promote POA so that Muntu is de-moraled, and that the internal fights existing in the party have been sponsored by Besigye to frustrate the former army commander.  According to Joram , by this, he is suspicious about Besigye’s intentions with Museveni.

In the race: Incumbent Mugisha Muntu (L) and Patrick Amuriat vie for FDC’s top seat this Friday.

Elections are due this Friday the 25th November. Regarded as cool headed man,for all the 2 times Muntu lost to Rtd.Col.Dr.Kizza Besigye in the race for party presidency, he joined him to popularize the party’s agenda, many in the party claim Muntu never got the same in return during his term at the helm of the Najjanankumbi based biggest opposition political in Uganda-FDC. We wait to see whether he will emerge victorious in the system he has nurtured that has bred other contenders Moses Byamugisha,Malcolm Matsiko and Patrick Amuriat. an accessible web community

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