My life is now under threat for representing Frank Gashumba: Lawyer

My life is now under threat for representing Frank Gashumba: Lawyer an accessible web community

By Andrew Irumba

The lead counsel in Frank Gashumba and Innocent Kasumba Gashumba’s case has taken a new twist as lawyer Denis Nyombi of Denis Nyombi & Co.Advocates is allegedly being trailed by unknown assailants for reasons he is yet to understand.

Detained: Ssisimuka-Uganda CEO Frank Gashuma

Nyombi told this reporter on phone on Saturday night that since his two meetings he had which he termed as ‘fruitful’ between him and the CMI legal team on Thursday and Friday, unknown assailants whose motive he is yet know follow his car sometimes guising as boda boda riders. “I first noticed it on Thursday when I left CMI and came straight to Nakawa court that a car was following me soon after I left Court. Now the whole of yesterday (Saturday) unknown numbers were calling on my phone, when I connect the ‘dots’ I get worried” the visibly frightened Nyombi told this reporter on phone.

Unknown numbers calling Counsel Nyombi on Saturday.

Nyombi is the personal lawyer for Frank Gashumba who was arrested by CMI on 30th Oct at CMI headquarters where he had gone to ‘rescue’ his brother Innocent Kasumba Gashumab who had also been arrested on 28th Oct by the same operatives for allegedly trying to defraud an investor, among other charges. Although the law dictates that a suspect shall be arraigned in court in 48hrs, the duo has now spent more than 168 hrs. According to their lawyer Denis Nyombi,the duo has since been denied their constitutional right to access their lawyer, family members or Personal doctors.

Though UDF accuse Frank of multiple charged all connecting to fraud,his brother Denis Gashumba on Thursday while Nakawa court claimed he had a closed door meeting with the director JATT and ‘confessed’ that he arrested his brother because he abused him (director JATT) during an exchange as to why they had Innocent. “You can quote man, I have just been with the Director JATT at his office,he told me the truth that he detained Gashumba for going to  his office and abuse him over the arrest of his brother” Denis said.

“Gashumba said only president Museveni can arrest him,so I arrested him  so that i see what he can do,other wise i have no problem with him” Denis quoted director JATT. an accessible web community

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