My Side Of Story: Tycoon SK Mbuga Speaks Out On Sex-For-Job Allagations

My Side Of Story: Tycoon SK Mbuga Speaks Out On Sex-For-Job Allagations an accessible web community an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda

Popular city socialite cum moneybags Suleiman Kabangala Mbuga aka SK Mbuga, has finally come out to clear air about the allegations that have been doing rounds on social media, indicating that he was demanding for sex from a Ugandan model before giving her a job at his STV located in the heart of the City.

The saga started after a Ugandan model only identified as Julian Iryn, leaked messenger chats of her purportedly chatting with ‘SK Mbuga’, who was demanding for sex before he gives her a juicy job at STV, owned by Mbuga and his sexy wife Jalia Vivienne Birungi Mbuga.

Some of the numerous fake SK Mbuga accounts

However, shortly after we published the story, businessman cum socialite SK Mbuga has finally come out and trashed the allegations and revealed that the whole thing was started up by someone running a fake account in his names, and therefore it was not him chatting with the said girl.

“These are people who want to spoil my name. They have opened up so many fake accounts in my name such that they can take advantage of innocent unsuspecting Ugandans,” Mbuga clarified in a live Facebook video broadcast he conducted himself on Wednesday night after the allegations went viral on social media.

One of the tantalizing snaps Julian Iryn had to share with the fake SK Mbuga for a job at STV

Much as Mbuga acknowledged this was afake account in his names, he blamed the general public for not reporting them to Zurkerberg so they can blocked but instead chose to follow them.

“Some Ugandans are dence that they can’t even verify a true account from fake one. When you check on Facebook, there are so many fake accounts in my name, but my verified account is known. However, I wonder, if someone gets to know that they are dealing with a fake account, why continue or expose the allegations that you encountered with that fake account,?” he queried.

Julian Iryn’s post after the fake SK Mbuga demanded for sex before giving her a job at STV

Knowing that people will ask him why he doesn’t report such fake accounts, SK Mbuga said that “You see, the problem is that the Person who opens up a fake account first blocks the genuine account, that is why I cannot report such fake accounts to Facebook, otherwise  the managers of Facebook would have deleted them already.”

However, basic knowledge about the use of Facebook is that anyone with a verified account can easily report all the pseudo accounts, something that has left many people wondering why SK Mbuga has all along been quiet about the same, even after knowing that there are very many fake accounts in his name, not until the sex scandal broke! As if to add salt into an injury, he has decided to lash at the innocent unsuspecting public who fall into the trap thinking they’re talking to the socialite himself whereas not, and Mbuga knows that this has been happening and he acknowledges in his facebook live chat. This and many more questions are what the former Dubai jailbird Mbuga needs to clarify on.

Social media has been awash with text messages and sleazy pictures which were allegedly exchanged between someone purporting to be SK Mbuga and model Julian.

It is alleged that Julian was compelled to share  her very tantalizing pictures with the said ‘SK Mbuga’ after reading a message advertising jobs at STV and the employer purportedly demanded to ‘know’ the person who was asking for a fashion show presentation gig, since one of the qualifications for such jobs is beauty.

Being an accomplished fashionista, she engaged the said Mbuga, requesting him for a slot of a fashion presenter/host on his TV.

However, the said Mbuga  first asked her to send him a video of her natural self and very ‘nice’ pictures as part of the video, but when he received them, he allegedly set another condition that she had to first sleep with his brother if she wanted the job.

But being aware that there are so many employers who are sexually abusing young girls that are yearning for jobs, and others preying on their female employees, Julian, out of her kind heart, shared the text messages with a friend, who ended up leaking them on social media, as a way of warning thousands of young girls out there to be careful about sex predators who want to take advantage of them.    

SK Mbuga Speaks Out an accessible web community an accessible web community

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