Grace Nakimera leads fight against mal-nutrition

Grace Nakimera leads fight against mal-nutrition

By Benjamin Emuk

On 21st January 2017, the famous stage queen Grace Nakimera took an initiative to bring smiles to hundreds of kids’ faces in Mukono district as she offered them free first class lunch and entertainment in her campaign dubbed Feed the Streets.

Under the ‘Feed the Street Foundation’, the talented, multi award winning singer devises plans to move across the country every month providing meals to those most in need.

“Uganda’s biggest problem is mal-nutrition, if me and you don’t take the initiative to support those most in need, our future doctors, teachers, ministers and so forth, will die of hunger or diseases that come forth as a result of poor nutrition.” Said Nakimera.

Upon sharing a few event photo moments on her official Facebook page, a one Ambrose Ishaam D’Alba commented saying “Grace we truly appreciate and acknowledge your services right from your music to the charity work but as I said earlier we also need such charity services in Jinja. Waiting for u #Mummy.”

In an interview, she unleashed the intentions of the foundation, “Our plan is to transverse the whole country feeding the children. We hire qualified chefs who prepare the food and I, mum and my daughter do the serving. We also give out basic necessities. It is a very expensive venture but we are up to give it our best” She added.

Nakimera served the kids along with her mother Rose Nabulya, daughter Macha Rinzen Kalema, and big brother, also talented singer and retired DJ Juju Kiyingi.

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The lady behind the fight against malnutrition Grace Nakimera!


She had way back in 2014 organized Ntandika Charity Concert held in Kikubamutwe where she fed 5,000 kids with food, drinks and gave them soap and other Christmas gifts, donated by Kiboko, Pepsi and DStv Uganda.

The diva who had been among those topping music charts in Uganda, has been off the musical scene since 2010 when she was attacked by a man with acid at the Kampala street jam party. an accessible web community

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